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Bhopal is an up and coming city and it is has a cosmopolitan outlook that attracts many travelers. The city has witnessed recent development in several fields and business travelers from all over the country are traveling to the place throughout the year. One can also find foreign corporate travelers from several countries around the world in Bhopal. This thriving city is a popular tourist attraction as well. In order to cater to this influx in population several hotels have sprung up recently. The city has many choices to offer the traveler and it has some of the best business boutique hotels around the country.

The hotels in Bhopal are able to compete with many of the top hotels around the country in terms of style and performance. Bhopal hotels such as the Ivy Suites Boutique hotel are gaining in popularity and several business boutique hotels have opened up recently. This trend has given rise to intense competition and many hotels are striving to outdo each other in terms of hospitality. The hotels have gained much recognition in the hospitality industry of India.

The Ivy Suites Boutique Hotel is a one of a kind hotel and it is located in the heart of the city. The hotel has an excellent architecture and its modern décor is pleasing on the eye. The hotel is located near the majestic Upper Lake of the city. The interiors of the hotels are quite stunning and one will feel refreshed after a long day at work by simply looking at the décor.

This Bhopal hotel boasts some of the best accommodation around and this includes two penthouse suites and two extra large suites. The penthouses are complete with an observation terrace and guests can gaze out into the sky after sunset. All the different suites have been decorated individually and no two are alike.

The warm and personalized hospitality of the staff is sure to make the guests feel at home. All the employees are well trained and courteous. Some of the facilities that are offered at the hotel include Wi-Fi, broadband and satellite television. The higher end suites come equipped with personalized refrigerated and larger wardrobes as well. The restaurant at the hotel offers a collection of different dishes from various styles of cooking such as Mughlai, South Indian, Continental and Chinese. Guests are sure to find that all their requirements are met and the stay will be pleasant and comfortable experience.

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