Bhopal - Tales From The Land Of Tigers
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Travelling through Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal can be quite an exciting experience, as the land of tigers and temples fascinates the young and the old alike with its effortless charm. While travelling in Bhopal, you will encounter clashes between the past and the present, and you will witness monuments standing shoulder to shoulder with modern giants of steel and concrete.

In order to make sure that you sink into the essence present in the melting pot of Indian culture, you will need to make sure that you stay in Bhopal the right way – in royal style. There are countless hotels in the city of Bhopal and these hotels cater to a wide range of people, ranging from family men to adventurous young trekkers and history buffs and businessmen.

There are budget hotels in the city of Bhopal and also mid range hotels that provide good amenities for slightly elevated rates. There are also luxurious mansions and palaces where you can splurge to your heart’s content, and lie back and relax when every whim and fancy of yours is being carried out in precise detail. This is stuff that dream holidays are made of, and this is the reason why many young people today are opting for luxury hotels and resorts when it comes to issues of their stay in a particular location.

While in Bhopal, you can opt for one of the following Bhopal hotels where you will be treated like royalty, and where you will be pampered with the choicest of foods and delicacies. Some of the famous hotels in Bhopal are The Residency, Lake View Ashoka, Jehna Numa Palace, Nisarga and Hotel Savera Inn. These hotels will transport you back in time, with their wooden interiors and intricate flooring. Mughal themed rooms will also be available in these hotels with hookahs and all the accessories, and you can opt for these as well.

Mughal themed rooms in the hotels in Bhopal will have intricately decorated interiors. The wall hangings, the tapestry and the aura exhibited by these rooms will keep you in a trance, and the additional accessories that are thrown into the mix, like hookahs, will also complete the feel of the place. These rooms will all be entirely air conditioned, irrespective of the theme. This will be quite necessary during the summer months in the city of Bhopal, although the winter months will not be as bad.

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