Big Bang Experiment Hacked
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Big Bang experiment hacked

The Big Bang experiment suffered a security breach on Wednesday when Greek hackers launched an attack on Large Hadron Collider project just before it was to begin.

While the first particles were flowing in the 27-km long machine near Geneva, the group hacked into the website,, raising serious concerns over the security and arrangement of the 'mother of all experiments'.

Identifying themselves as Greek Security Team, they mocked at the technology and called the physicists as "a bunch of school kids."

The hackers, however, despite flashing the message "don't mess with us", also reiterated that they have no intention to disrupt the ongoing experiment.

Earlier also the scientists at different intervals have received threatening emails and messages from panicky public worried about the impact of the experiment.

The panic grew many folds when many including many scientists claimed that this could mean end of the world. International physicists on Wednesday successfully fired a beam of protons all the way around a 27 km (17 mile) tunnel beneath the Swiss-French border.

The 20-year project, under which the 'Big Bang' was re-enacted, is an attempt to explain the birth of the universe and how it came to harbour life. The experiment is also being dubbed by many as the mother of all scientific experiments ever conducted on earth.

The attempts to recreate the Big Bang, scientists said could have been rocked had the group been able to enter the computer control system of one of the huge detectors of the accelerator.

The hackers reportedly managed to compromise the machines and left a message saying, "We are Group 2600. Don't mess with us." Though no major damage was done but they deleted only one file from the system.

Scientists, however, admitted that they were only one step away from the main machine, Compact Muon Solenoid Experiment, or CMS, which controls equipment crucial for the experiment.

If the hackers had managed to enter the second computer network, they could have turned off many parts of the experimental machine. Sources said that hackers breached CMSMON system that monitors data during the experiment.


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