Bikes In India - Which Is The Most Popular?
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Are you looking to buy one of the most popular bikes in India? If you are, then one of the best bikes available in the Indian market is the Bajaj Pulsar 150cc bike. Latest technology of DTS ignition together with the brand name ‘Bajaj’ brings performance and reliability as the most important features of this 150cc bike.

Pulsar was launched by Bajaj as a revolutionary India bike and keeping to its name, it has gone a long way since. Other upgraded variants of 180cc and 220cc have already set the Indian two wheeler market on fire along with the age old Pulsar150 cc bike.

Bajaj Pulsar 150cc is tailor made for the heavy urban traffic. These bikes cost around Rs.55000 and even up to Rs.61000. This bike has what it takes to give you the peace of mind, strength as well as mileage. These have a four stroke engine with ExhausTEC technology and are also patented to Bajaj.

These 150cc bikes have snag seats, headlamps like the eyes of a wolf, anti excise tank pad and pace of 1320mm. They look aggressive and have a sleek appearance. Moreover, they generate 15PS at 9000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and another wonderful feature that it comes with includes sports clip on both the handles. It also has a much better exhaust system and a much larger carburetor which enables superior performance on the Indian roads.

Another popular bike that is available in India is the Honda Unicorn. It is also a 150cc bike and it is the first bike which has a Mono suspension technology in India. Mono suspension technology enhances control as well as comfort. A brand new Honda Unicorn can be purchased for around Rs.60000. This bike is especially made and designed to suit the needs of the younger generation. These bikes come in different colors, offer smooth driving, and are stable and also easy to use.

The major contributor towards the success of the Honda Unicorn bikes in India is their comfort level and style. Cutting edge technology such as digital CDI ignition and CV carburetor makes them even more powerful when compared to other types of Indian bikes. The front of the bike has flowing lines and beautiful curves.

So now if you are looking to purchase one of the most popular bikes in India, have a look at the Honda Unicorn and Bajaj Pulsar bikes. Both of them have gained immense recognition in the Indian market and are popular choices for the new generation.

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