Bindass Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Bindaas: Hero Manchu Manoj has been rated as a good actor from his first movie ‘Donga Dongadi,’ but much of the audience view that the problem lied in his wrong selection of movies.

Heroine Sheena Shahabadi, the hot looking girl has got enough media attention much before her first release. Director Veeru Potla is although a personality behind the screen, but is known for his wits in framing the stories and weaving the screenplay. Here comes the combination of these three in the form of ‘Bindaas.’

Bindaas Story : Mahendra Naidu (Ahuthi Prasad) and Sheshadri Naidu (Jayaprakash Reddy) are political and faction rivals in Chittoor, but belong to same party. During the finalization of candidate for MP seat, Mahendra Naidu is elected by the party by mediation of party head (Vijay Kumar).

In this mean time Garika Naidu (Jeeva), brother-in-law of Sheshadri Naidu gets killed and fingers are pointed towards Mahendra Naidu and his family. Now, Sheshadri Naidu and his three sons are with vengeance to kill any of their opponent’s family members.

Ajay (Manchu Manoj), son of Mahendra Naidu’s younger brother (Bhanuchander) studying in the city will land up in this faction tussle to fulfill his dead father’s dream to end the violence between both these families. How Ajay saved the lives of his entire family from cruel Sheshadri Naidu’s family by changing their mind set? Who killed Garika Naidu? How Ajay is been helped by Sunil, Raghu Babu, Brahmanandam and Sheena forms the interesting and hilarious part of the movie.

Artists Performance Bindaas : Manchu Manoj has grown out of bounds as an actor and ‘Bindaas’ will be his career best so far as he managed the entire movie on his shoulders with too much of ease. His comic timing was just superb while his regular action episodes are extraordinary. Manoj’s dancing abilities are awesome and his dealing with the heroine is romantic and with enough comedy touch. Sheena has the fresh and kiddish look on her face. Perfect body structure helped her to shine on the screen especially in songs. As the movie has nearly 15 to 25 major characters forming the entire family of Ahuthi Prasad on one side and Jayaprakash Reddy on other side, it will be hard to mention each and everybody’s name. Major share grabbers are Subbaraju, Katam Raju, Sravan. In comedy part, Manoj along with Brahmanandam, Master Bharath, Raghu Babu, MS Narayana, Vennela fame Kishore will make you fall over the ground laughing.

Technical departments of Bindass: Coming to technical part, debutant Veeru Potla handled story, screenplay, dialogues and direction part. No doubts, he has come out colorful in every department passing in distinction. Story is although a rotten one, but the way he narrated it with enough doses of comedy intermingled with good songs and enjoyable punch liners make the movie real ‘Bindaas.’ Although the slow pace of movie in first 15 minutes of first and second half gets you a bit routine, but once the movie picks up there is no stopping. Veeru Potla is a winner all the way. Editing was good from Marathand K Venkatesh while Photography by Ramesh Babu R. was mind blowing during the action episode at the end of first half. Chinna’s background added enough value to the movie while Bobo Shashee’s music offered real freshness in songs. Production values of Rambrahmam Sunkara and A TV are also good.

Out of the Movie Bindaas: First half of the movie went on perfect except first 15 to 20 minutes. Once hero enters the house of Ahuthi Prasad, its non stop comedy and your stomach breaks into pieces. First half ends on a good note with a thrilling action episode that starts slowly and ends up reaching a high peak. Again in the second half, Director has taken care of running the movie on same positive note by entering the characters of Sunil, MS Narayana and Brahmanandam. Manchu Manoj has taken too many risks in action episodes and its worth to watch them on screen. Songs like ‘Suraangini, Bindaas, Girija Girija’ are picturized well with good choreography. Positive points of the movie are majorly the hilarious comedy supported in the form of good dialogues and Manchu Manoj’s histrionics especially his imitating of Mohan Babu many times on the screen is cheered by audience. One may feel that, ‘Bindaas’ is inspired from Venkatesh’s ‘Kalisundam Raa,’ the difference is that Manchu Manoj’s high energy mixed with Veeru Potla’s dialogues and script writing abilities make it all a perfect entertainer.

Bindaas Movie Verdict : Bindaas family entertainer. Go to your nearest theatres with out any doubt and happily get relaxed with this ‘Manoj Gaadi Vijaya Gaatha.’



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