Biography On Rangitha By Amudha Rani
Shilpa • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

With the former heroine Ranjita getting more famous or rather infamous due to her sex scandal with the fraud Swamy Nityananda, those around her are trying to make the most of the situation. Now, the news is that soon a biography is going to come out and this would be on Ranjita.

A lady by the name of Amudha Rani who is said to be a close Nityananda devotee has decided to come up with a biography on Ranjita. It is heard that this will project a new perspective on the Nityananda -Ranjita relationship and it will also cover her struggles, her wedding, Ranjita’s point of view etc.

This is more an insight of Ranjita’s character and it remains to be seen how she will defend this one. Meanwhile, the commercial analysts say that the sooner the biography comes out, the better it is for Amudha since the heat is on and it would sell like hot cakes.


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