Blessed With Beatitude......
Sunny • on 12 years ago • 1 min read

The DAY you came into my life, I realized how beautiful the world is. The love and the joy you gave, Showed how lovely life can be? Through your kindness and cheerful warmth, You changed me into a person. I often dreamt of someone, Who would bless me with love? Through her closeness and laughter, Would make every moment brighter. Words can't articulate, My feelings the first time we spoke. There was music in my heart, And joy in my soul. I should have told you then, That I loved you more than life itself. I was given a whiff of heaven, When the Almighty sent you to me. My love, my friend, my beatitude, I'm blessed with what you have given me. You have showed the path to my destiny. Our love and friendship is like an ocean, That can never be parched. But now as we will have to part, Let us hold each other's heart, In the palms of our hands...


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  • Sunny 12 years ago
    Thank you. Nice one.