Body Acne Cures
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If you are looking for body acne cures that you stumbled on the right place. Acne is a tough fight with the disease. Contrary to popular belief acne is not just a teenage issue. It is estimated that at some point in their lives, one quarter of all men and one half of all women had acne. Women are more prone to this disease because they suffer major hormonal changes during his life, primarily through their menstrual cycle and pregnancy. But what is acne in the first place? Acne vulgarize is an extremely irritating to the skin, characterized by blocked pores.


This is due to an extremely high level of sebum secretion. Sebum is the natural oil produced by the skin to protect them. In the case of acne, sebum blocks the pore which still produces infection. If the pores are partially blocked there blackheads the spores are completely blocked, you will have whiteheads. These are only the mild symptoms of acne. More serious skin conditions may have pustules, cysts or worse that cause some serious damage to the skin, especially through the scar. The extra sebum secretion is caused by hormonal imbalance, specifically by androgens.

Body acne cures rely primarily on eliminating the effects of acne rather than cure it entirely. For this moment there really is not a treatment that will help you to literally get rid of acne. The research in this area is scarce, to put it lightly. Most doctors agree that a combined approach based on antibiotics and astringent lotions. Women with some severe conditions can also use birth control pills to regulate the flow of androgens.

Astringent lotions fight acne in a totally different way. They look at the high level of sebum that is normally found in an acne prone skin and try to remove the surplus. The two main chemicals found in almost all over the counter products are salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. It is very important to realize that these drugs do not cure. Instead, eliminate the effects of acne. If used consistently, they can provide very good results, but as soon as treatment stops, acne is very likely to return.

Along these two traditional options of medical treatment, there are some others worth mentioning. Given the relative lack of research in the field, alternative medicine has filled the niche and generally provides more treatment options. Some of the methods used by alternative medicine, although it proved very effective and appropriate resisted testing and research. These options tea tree oil has proven to be the champion and a survey using these option herbal shown remarkable results. The test used as the reference benzoyl peroxide commonly used in commercial products. Tea tree oil is less potent and takes some time to prove its effects, but what was really remarkable was the fact that this plant has little or no side effects compared with other chemicals. In general, the test gave a very clear answer that tea tree oil is a better alternative for the treatment. Guggul has also undergone a similar test; the reference substance used in this case was tetracycline. The results were also very remarkable and this herb has shown superior to the antibiotic.

Acupuncture, although considered an alternative medicine field, were also mainstream as some research has been conducted and proved its efficiency. Body acne cures involving acupuncture, in fact, do not use needles.

Of course there are many other options available if you really do not want to use harmful substances such as some of the chemicals mentioned here have proven to be. Read on and you will surely find a cure that fits you best

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  • Guest 9 years ago

    Body acne is such a tough thing to tackle. Using topical treatments may unrealistic though. I used accutane with great success on some serious back acne that I had.

    However, for my face I use only one product, Proactiv solution.