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Rosacea results from an overly acidic body and skin, which can be caused by a number of factors including physical activity, stress, environment, and perhaps most importantly, diet. Eating a special diet for rosacea is a fairly simple way to prevent flare-ups. More often than not, rosacea burdens lighter skinned people. It tends to be more common in women at almost a 3 to 1 clip.

The first sign of inflammation is flushing and coloring on the face, cheeks and nose. As it advances, superficial blood vessels show up on the face, as do small, pus filled bumps. The first thing you need to avoid in order to banish rosacea and probably is the most important of all is emotional pressures.

This is very common because if you are human being, you will have stress. In other words, stress is just inevitable simply because you are a human being. As normal as it may seem, you will still need to manage your pressure and stress well.

The causes of rosacea as a condition are complex but, the redness, swelling, dryness and accompanying itching as external symptoms are most certainly the bodys way of indicating that all is not well inside and that there is some form of internal imbalance that manifests itself in these external symptoms that needs addressing.

Tea tree with olive oil can be used as an acne cure by soaking a cotton ball with the mixture and dabbing it on the affected areas. Olive oil can also be applied to the skin before bathing to save yourself the trouble of purchasing expensive bath oils from skin shops. As a sufferer of Rosacea you will know that it is very difficult to treat this disease with conventional medicine as the options available are not satisfactory. Antibiotics long term can effect your immune system and laser and light therapy are expensive and not totally effective.

The papule or inflammatory pustule can be I the form of a boil, or a pimple, or an eruption for that matter. In rosacea (papulopustular), the mediators (inflammatory ones) as well as immune cells ooze out from the skin bed that is basically micro-vascular by nature. Rosacea also can affect the eyes, creating redness, itching, burning, dryness, sensitivity to light and a feeling like there is sand in your eyes.

About half of all people with rosacea suffer with ocular rosacea as well. Ocular rosacea requires medical attention in order to protect your vision. This disorder whether it is acne rosacea or just the common strain, comes to the fore when you are physically or mentally agitated. Immediate flushing, burning, itchiness and general discomfort sets in. The skin also hardens or thickens.

Some recent studies have discovered a link between digestive enzymes and rosacea skin care. Many sufferers are lacking a pancreatic enzyme that helps digest fatty foods, and the supplementation of that natural enzyme helped get rid of symptoms. It is very important to protect your face from the damaging rays of the sun with an appropriate sunscreen. However, many rosacea patients are sensitive to the UV blocking chemicals in most sun screens.

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