Boils Causes And Symptoms And Home Remedies For Boils Treatment
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Boils are an infection of the skin caused most commonly by Staphylococcus. The hair follicles of the skin get infected. Boils are localized, inflamed, tender, pus-filled swellings in the skin surrounded by large red areas. Boils can either be an acute or a chronic skin ailment, depending on how long they last for. In an acute case, the boils are generally the result of a localized infection and can be treated with simple topical applications.

Chronic boils on the other hand, last for much longer and are caused by severe infection and persistent infections. This type of an infection also requires stronger medication and may take a while to heal. It is important to treat an infection at the very onset of the symptoms to help reduce the recovery period and prevent scarring. Topical applications can be used in both types of infections as to help reduce the swelling and discomfort and promote healing. Boils are sometimes only symptoms of a more serious underlying health condition and so it is important to go for a complete physical examination if you suffer from boils on a regular basis.

Sometimes, pimples and acne can be mistaken for boils and so it is important to determine the root cause and the exact nature of the skin condition before choosing a treatment method. Some types of boils are not contagious while others are extremely contagious and can even spread through the shared usage of personal items with an infected individual. It is better to avoid sharing personal items as a general rue to prevent skin problems. If you suffer from persistent outbreaks of boils, it would be advisable to talk to your doctor about what causes boils on the body or in specific areas such as on the inner thigh, the under arms, or on the buttocks, as this will help to prevent a recurrence of this problem.

Home Remedies for Boils Some of the best and most popular herbal remedies for boils are as follows: 1. Calendula is widely used to cure boils either in herbal form or by diluting it lightly. 2. Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum is used as herbal remedy for boils which are tender and sensitive if touched. The people who are advised treatment with this herb are sensitive to cold and very vulnerable. 3. Propolis is a natural antibiotic agent and is used to control the infection. 4. Burdock root also has antibiotic properties due to which it stops the infection. 5. Onion juice or mashed onion when used in a poultice helps in fighting off the bacterial infection which causes boils.

  1. Goldenseal is widely used to cure staph infections due to its anti-bacterial properties. A strong infusion is made with goldenseal root power and hot water and is applied over the boil. The powder is available commercially.
  2. Tea tree oil is an effective medicine for treating boils as it has anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties.
  3. Dandelion cleanses the blood and the liver. Hence it curbs the boils as they may occur due to the presence of toxins in the body also.
  4. Echinacea cleanses the lymph glands and also stimulates the immune system thereby making the body less susceptible to getting boils.
  5. Mashed pulp of flaxseed is used as a poultice to help the boil come to a head quickly.

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