Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Sunny • onRelationship 11 years ago • 2 min read

Having a boyfriend makes a girl feel special and all blissful to find herself stationed in the seventh heaven. But there’s another face to this ecstasy and exaltation, which is, feeling the need to have a boyfriend. Having a boyfriend makes any girl feel elated, happy, proud and most of all she feels wanted by some one. Having a boyfriend does not only imply towards going out for dates, romantic movies or candle light dinners. There are different facets to having a boyfriend. It needs a lot of adjustment and understanding to stick to the same guy even after having a monumental fight with him. Moreover, boyfriends though they act as a pillar of strength when their girl friends need a shoulder to lean on but during a crisis even the guys need their girl friends to support them and tell them that they are right.

The word Girlfriends refers to the relationship of friendship that exists between sisters, between a mother and her girl and between girls who are friends. It also refers to that special kind of friendship that exits between a boy and a girl. True girlfriends are those who guide you in the right path, wipe away your hearts and try to make you feel happy when you are feeling low and depressed.

Girlfriends make you feel wanted and make you realize that her life is incomplete without you. Girlfriends are more understanding, compassionate, in nature and you feel secure in the company of your girlfriends. But while selecting girlfriends on has to be very cautious, a there are good-natured as well as bad natured girlfriends.

Therefore, if you have a girlfriend, let her know that you cherish your relationship with her, and also that you care for her and love her, by giving her gifts or cards, or writing poems/songs, for her. Treat your girlfriend in a special way on special occasions like Valentines Day or Friendships Day and convey to her the fact that she means the world to you.



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