BPH - Symptoms Of Prostate Enlargement And Complications
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A male organ, the prostate gland is located below the bladder and surrounds the urethra. The main function of the prostate gland is to secrete semen, a milky-colored fluid that nourishes and transports sperm during ejaculation. Mid to late 40s, happens to be a period of prostate growth for most men. Clinical called benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), enlarged prostate condition occurs when there is rapid multiplication of cells in the central portion of the gland during its growth.

Because of this enlargement, the prostate presses on the urethra (the tube through which urine is discharged in most mammals and which serves as the male genital tract) and partially blocks the urine flows. Assumptions are given below major medical causes of enlarged prostate or BPH causes, to be followed by symptoms and treatment methods available (remedies). Read more on men's health.


Causes for enlarged prostate (BPH causes)

The prostate gland of a child is the size of a pea and grows slightly as the child comes to children. When the child hits puberty, there is a rapid growth spurt at the age of 25, the prostate gland gets fully developed and manages the size of a walnut. Speaking of the causes of enlarged prostate, doctors have no solid theory to identify clearly the reason, which can be carried out as a cause of enlarged prostate. However, the assumptions say that with age, there are possible changes in the levels of male hormone (testosterone) and female hormone levels (estrogen) in men. This change in the ratio is considered as a possible cause of an enlarged prostate. Other theories that are behind enlarged prostate causes are an increase in the number of cells (hyperplasia) or increased sensitivity of the gland to normal hormone levels, with increasing age.

Thus, we can deduce from the above description that there is an uncertainty of the defined causes of enlarged prostate. However, knowing about the various symptoms of enlarged prostate

and having some idea about their treatment, even if a nut that can face the patient.

Symptoms of enlarged prostate

Symptoms that have been mentioned below may not appear for all men. There is evidence that the 50% of men come up with such signs and symptoms that are quite prominent lead to medical help. Symptoms include difficulty in initiating urination, stopping and starting while urinating, and occasionally blood in the urine. The patient may feel a strong urge to urinate, especially at night; however, he may not be able to empty the bladder completely. Post-urination drip, need to exert extra force while urinating and a sudden need to urinate are the other symptoms of prostate enlargement.

Home remedies for enlarged prostate

Apart from what doctors have to say about the treatment of the condition, here are some home remedies that can be put to use to control symptoms and keep the disease from worsening over time.

• Remove any habit of going for a sip of coffee or any other drinks before bed time. This will help reduce the number of visits to the service. • Drugs such as decongestants or antihistamines can aggravate the symptoms of enlarged prostate, and so does the consumption of alcohol or caffeine. So, try taking a long break from them. • Do not wait until you feel you can no longer hold. Go to your needs whenever you feel the urge. The delay in the process stretching the bladder and cause more damage and can somehow consolidate the causes of BPH (which may be!) • Bladder training is an effective home remedy, of which most people benefit. This is about teaching and learning of new skills of the bladder keeping regular times or a schedule of urinating. This habit helps the patient improve severe frequency or urgency of urination. • Exercises, as always said, helps in the recovery of any kind of disease. So, staying active aids in reducing urinary problems due to prostate enlargement. • Lastly, keep yourself warm as being subjected to cold, urinary retention triggers and thus increases the urgency to urinate.

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