Brain Stimulation, An Effective Remedy Against Headache
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Stimulating the brain with implanted electrodes get pain relief in patients with cluster headaches that do not respond to other therapies, according to two studies published in the online edition of the journal 'The Lancet' and 'The Lancet Neurology.

Goadsby, of the British Institute of Neurology "occipital nerve stimulation in cluster headache seems to offer a choice of safe and effective treatment that could usher in a new era of neurostimulation therapy to treat primary symptoms of headache," he adds.

People affected by headache Horton, through periods in which attacks suffered by many extreme headaches. Chronic headache sufferers only go through stages of relief of not more than one month over a year, if not follow any treatment. Many patients must take daily preventive treatment. But not even get drugs to alleviate all cluster headaches. Hence, researchers look for other methods that alleviate pain, as would neurostimulation therapy.


The researchers assessed the long-term effects of occipital nerve stimulation in eight patients suffering from chronic cluster headache and had not been well controlled with medication. These patients were asked electrode implants, probes and a battery equipped with an external generator to control the degree of stimulation. After a mean period of 20 months, six of these eight patients reported a positive enough impact of treatment and said they would recommend it to others affected and the other two patients said they were no headaches for over a year using the device.

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Improving situation, so stop playing?

It often happens that when after several months of treatment, optimism is not the urge to antidepressants to swallow very large. However, this is a very bad idea. As with most drugs, there is a certain level in the blood up, leading to a certain level must be respected.

Therefore, a sudden cessation lead to adverse health effects such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, ... This is parallel to the drug world in which such withdrawal signs in heroin addicts and have missed their usual dose. An important difference is that antidepressants, unlike drugs, are not physically addictive.

But what most overlook is that antidepressants certain substances that make you feel better. When stopping this time will not end up in the blood and restarts logically depression. It is better to treatment gradually to build. Instead of 1 pill per day, for example in a first period to take a half, after a quarter and so on. Of course this should always be supervised by the doctor.

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