Breathing Techniques While Running
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Exercise is the core element of any weight loss regime. While you may diet all you want and starve yourself, it is exercise which will finally help shed pounds. Only exercise will help maintain a negative balance between intake and expenditure. Also it is the healthiest way of losing your weight, better than any diet plan followed by any film star!

Walking is considered the best natural exercise for man. It is an all-round exercise that helps reduce weight uniformly from all parts of your body. Running is technically accelerated walking and gives you double the advantages: double weight loss and double health.

Running is extremely tough for obese men and women. This is because most of them become breathless before long and give up soon. This is why it is extremely important to pay attention tobreathing techniques while running. This will prevent you from becoming breathless and give you enough stamina to run longer.

Also improper breathing techniques can adversely affect the body. You will be putting your body under greater stress and can result in causing it various injuries. Also most obese patients have a heart problem and improper breathing can trigger many attacks. With properbreathing techniques you will have a long, easy run which will keep you motivated for the next run. Also there is enough evidence to prove that a proper breathing technique can help burn more calories.

It is difficult to immediately implement good breathing techniques while running. But with regular practice you can make this a habit.

Here are a few tips to improve our breathing technique while running.

• Remember to breathe through your nose. Athletes use their mouth to breathe, but you will need to run longer distances and hence the conventional method is the best. • Follow the breathing ratio 3:2. Which means for the first three steps while running, inhale and the next two steps, exhale. • Take short breaths more often. You may occasionally take a deep breath when turning corners etc. • Breathe from your belly. To check if you’re doing it right, observe the rise and fall of the stomach. It must rise while inhaling and fall while exhaling. • Listen to your breath! If you can actually hear yourself panting while running, it means you are running too quickly. So you must pace yourself properly to suit your body. Remember you are not running a race but a marathon. The distance and not the time limit matters.

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  • Guest 9 years ago
    I found training in a swimming pool while performing these breathing tips helps out a lot as well. Submerging most of your chest and running will prove a challenge when trying to maintain proper breathing. I wrote an article about it as well: Runners Breathing Technique, let me know what you think!