Broken Heart Feelings
Shilpa • onRelationship 11 years ago • 2 min read

This thought comes almost everyday, We have become close friends as we were one in the same. Then soon enough it will be the end I cry almost every minute So much pain, so much hurt My feelings and memories are like a hurricane. I'm alone, scared during this storm and as the tears run down my face .

Seems like there is no way in stopping the intolerable emotions, pain, and frustration that the world puts upon my shoulders. I hear no birds singing their joyful songs or the laughter of young children being able to enjoy life without a care. It just seems like death has been and will be around me anyway. So no matter what you try say, This is the only way out for me.

It's been way to long since someone has held me tight and said that they love me and that they need me. It's been to long since I have had someone to protect me, But you have never been able to see In reality what has been happening inside of me.

You may ask and look concerned wanting to know why I cry, But do you really want to that I wish for me to die? Can you handle the truth, Can you handle the pain I have felt and dealt with by myself for many years? When I see myself in the mirror, I can't see the joy I once felt.

That joy has been taken away since I can remember I just turn my head as quick as possible for I do not want see what I'm actually trying to hide. This is.... The quickest way to solve my problems once I'm gone But will they really be solved or will they become a burden to those I still love but don't love me? Time is the only one who can really tell us. In the end will you miss me after I have cried my last tears?


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  • Guest 10 years ago

    Hi Shilpa, Read your post... i once felt the same as u.. tat nite after the broke up wif my First Love...i m really ver sad...its lyk i had lost everytin in one nite..happiness, smile, love, hope... its lyk fallen frm heaven n landed in hell... i noe the feeling... tears juz flow lyk loose tap...u juz cant stop it... everytime wif him everytin seems possible and tat moment, ur smile is the brightest!

    it had been a year plus after my broke up wif him. during these period of time, i tink alot...felt alot... i thought i wun fall for another man again... but i m wrong.. losing my ex is a lesson learnt. tell mi to cherish wad i haf and go for wad i wan. dun gif up so easily. losin him is nt losin everytin. u still gt friends, family.. there r actualy alot ppl around u hu truly cares abt . once u truly understands how cum he left u, n moving on, u r not too far away from true love.

    Believe in urself. U will be fine! =)