Brother Stops Heroine From Wearing Bikini
Ragini Khanna • onEntertainment 9 years ago • 1 min read

Gone are the days when Mallika Sherawat could easily flaunt her sexy body. Now keeping a close watch on her move and outfit is her brother Vikram Lamba. Mallika Sherawat’s brother restricted her to wear bikini or any other skimpy outfits. His protective nature came into forefront on the set of ‘Hiss’ where she was asked to wear a skin colored bikini.

The story went that Mallika had to wear a skin-colored bikini as a naked body double was positioned directly behind her. It was a full body close-up shot. However, Mallika’s brother and the producer of the film raised objection on her sister’s sexy attire. A voice came from behind, “My sister will not wear such a short, blasphemous bikini”.

The co-producer of the film Govind Menon tried to explain Vikram the importance of the scene but he was adamant to the entire issue. When things went beyond control, Mallika explained her brother how comfortable she was with the outfit.

Vikram turned down his sister’s request and finally the bikini was replaced with a longer, skin-colored bodysuit.



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