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There is no shortage of work - the immune system has to do just cut out to fend off pathogens. In winter, many people preferred to keep closed in heated rooms to - these are ideal conditions for cold viruses. In the dry heated air is the natural barrier of the mucous membranes lost a lot of moisture?

Thus, the pathogens easy game to penetrate into the body and multiply. A strong immune system, but the viruses can easily master. But difficulties come up when the immune system is weakened or contact with the microorganisms on a massive scale - for example, when you coughed.


Stressors to the immune system

Besides the genetic and the outside of us approached factors (for example, pollutants in the environment) that weaken our immune system, other interfering factors 'home made': Time stress and fatigue at work, abuse of stimulants such as alcohol and nicotine, excessive intake of highly effective drugs, excessive sunbathing, one-sided and irregular nutrition and athletic performance may, especially in combination with each other, the preparedness of the immune system damage sustained.

Tips to boost the immune system

• With relaxation against stress in sleep recharge your batteries. • Immunocompetent diet (lots of fruits and vegetables). • Prevention by Harden, endurance sports (swimming, jogging cycling, cross country skiing).

To cough, runny nose, especially in the cold season to avoid hoarseness and to provide preventive measures to more than one. Who in the winter months much of the outdoors (even in bad weather!), Avoiding overheated rooms with dry air and goes crowds out of the way has the best chance to stay healthy during this time? But raw food days, wholesome diet, sufficient sleep and sleep with the window open and regular sauna sessions and moderate physical activity contribute to the strengthening of the immune system.

Immune - the external influences and own behavior We are almost all using the same agents in touch and won the immune systems respond very differently. Whether and how the immune system of individuals responding to an invading pathogen depends among other things:

Important for the activity and function of our immune cells are especially vitamins A, C, E, B12, folic acid and the minerals iron, zinc and selenium. To a healthy varied diet continues to include whole grains and dairy products, fish twice a week, little meat and a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

From medical history / lifestyle diseases such as vascular disease, hypertension, obesity and diabetes. These diseases can the immune system negatively. For diabetics, such as the defense against bacterial infections is reduced.

From the use of alcohol, sweets and nicotine - tobacco can also lead to a weakening of the immune system.

From mental health or condition - in the right dose increases stress (esters) our performance, mobilize our metabolism and stimulates our immune system to.. Take stress factors are prevalent - whether by congestion on the job or in everyday life, on holiday or at leisure sport - or it takes longer time than, also suffers from the immune system.

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