Bus Driver Fired For 38,000 Text Messages
Sunny • onDid You Know 12 years ago • 1 min read

Warsaw: A Polish bus driver has been fired for sending 38,000 text messages on his company cellphone in a losing effort to win contest jackpot.

Leszek Wojcik, a bus driver in the northwestern Polish city of Slupsk, ran up a tab of some 94,000 zlotys ($34,000) with his text messages while trying to win a 100,000-zloty ($36,000) SMS contest that ended on June 30, Slupsk city transport spokesman Hubert Boba said.

Boba said a city bus drivers' monthly company phone bill was supposed to be limited to 15 zlotys ($5).

Wojcik sent an average of 1,200 SMS text messages a day, each costing 2.40 zlotys ($0.86), on his work cellphone.

Wojcik told TVN24 television he wanted to buy a second car with his possible winnings. "Now I'm without work," he said.



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