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As you know Ebay is the greatest store on earth, everything you ever wanted, in one store. The only problem is you have to beware of scams. Nike is the hottest athletic shoe EVER. Ebay has almost every Nike shoe known to man. The problem is a lot of auctions are fake Nikes. Rules to follow when buying shoes:

1 Ask any questions before bidding on the item.( Is the shoe new:deadstock/ds,new in box/nib? where was the shoe purchased? )

2 Usually if the seller has a lot of that RARE shoe(20 of the same shoe), it's probably fake. ( If seller has multiple listings using the same pic for all auctions,a ' too good to be true price".)

3 Check the feedback rating of the seller, other buyer's can warn you of fakes.( Under 50 feedbacks, lots of negative and neutral feedback. Majority of buying feedback vs. selling feedback. Under 90% positive feedback.)

4 If the seller is oversea's take a little more caution than usual.( although there are trusted oversea sellers, the majority of fakes come from outside the USA. Also sellers really cant be tracked down outside of the USA.)

5 If it is an original, the seller should have the correct style number,correct color scheme, and all information on the shoe.( All shoes have style numbers even fakes, take all the info from listing and check on the web. style numbers should match with color scheme. Also if you come across some clear rainbow retro 11"s, they are fake! Nike releases special color schemes, but they usually stay to basic colors. Spongebob,Power ranger painted Nikes,fakes!)

Fakes are getting really hard to spot, due to the changes always being made with these shoes. Always trying to improve there garbage. Ive seen seasoned collectors get fooled, they are hard to spot. These shoes have become a billion dollar business, so beware. Also fakes are usually sized wrong,example: you buy a 12,box and shoe read 12, but when tried on shoe is a 10 1/2 or 11.Often copied shoes include high volume sellers such as: Air Force 1, Air Jordans. Very rare fakes include Air max's and Dunks.Beware of auctions that read: variants, custom,samples,or replicas, just means fakes! Shoes that come in tissue paper or clear bags, fakes! Nikes come wrapped in paper in the box.

If you need help with trying to spot a fake I will do my best to help you. Nike does have a contact form on their website to help with fakes, and other sites such as pickyourshoes,and nicekicks can also help.



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