Can Herbal Remedies Overcome Side Effects Of Over Masturbation?
Peter Filinovich • onHealth & Beauty 8 years ago • 3 min read

Among all healthy active males and females, the activity of masturbation is quite natural behavior. Read this article to know herbal remedies to treat the side effects of over masturbation.

Among all sexually active males and females, the activity of masturbation is quite natural healthy behavior. Almost all males, sometimes in their life masturbate. In male the production of semen is a continuous process. So to accommodate the further quantity of the semen produced, our body push the semen out. In male during the age of puberty or after attaining the age of puberty, body creates the tendency to masturbate to fulfill the required need. Though there may be different reasons for having this habit.

By proper research and survey, it is found that there are various positive effects of masturbation. Some of its main benefits are that it is very much helpful in relieving from stress and it is also very much beneficial for the circular system of the body. If you protect yourself from getting into any risk of falling into any social ill, then this activity provides required satisfaction and pleasure.

But in male, numbers of complications are created due to over masturbation. Over masturbation in male cannot be defined perfectly, as normal frequency depends on various factors like lifestyle, age and level of hormone production in the body of any individual. The frequency of masturbation in older persons is quite low then compared to the younger person. The activity of masturbation is said to be over if it is done more than two to three times a week. In male there are various side effects of over masturbation -

  1. Continuous feeling of fatigue.
  2. Lower back pain, hair loss and also trouble in eye sight.
  3. Aches and cramps in pelvic cavity or tail bone, groins and testicles.
  4. It may cause erectile dysfunction.
  5. It may cause the problem of premature ejaculation.
  6. Stress and memory loss.
  7. The function of body and brain may become extremely sympathetic.

The side effects caused due to over masturbation can easily be cured with the help of herbal treatments. With the proper use of herbal supplements, all the side effects can be treated easily and effectively. All these herbal supplements are prepared by the extracts of best quality herbs available in Ayurveda. You must go for the best herbal supplements like NF Cure capsules and Shilajit. They don't have any side effects as they are prepared with the combination of natural ingredients. These herbal supplements helps in strengthening the reproductive system in males and thus also very effective in treating general body weakness. So to cure the side effects caused due to masturbation, you must go for herbal treatments.

Read about herbal treatment for Over Masturbation. Also know the benefits of Shilajit.


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