Can Herbs And Natural Remedies Treat Low Sperm Count?
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Many herbs and remedies can be helpful in curing low sperm count which is the biggest cause of male infertility. Low sperm count is considered as a complex situation medically therefore natural treatment is trusted all round the world for effective treatment. Low sperm count can be caused due to life style related issues, poor diet, infections and ailments in reproductive organs.

Herbs can supplement the body with vital nutrients and amino acids, these can be helpful in maintaining proper hormonal secretion, increase metabolism for better health, promote healthy blood flow to all parts of the body for better functioning of reproductive system and sound mental health and improve immunity to cure and treat infections and injuries caused to the vital organs.

Shilajit has been used for improving sexual strength, stamina, health and performance as it has wide variety of properties which are extremely helpful in regaining youthful energy and capacity. It is an effective rejuvenator and counters ageing effects very well. It strengthens internal organs, promotes hormonal secretion, counters impotency, increase sperm count, improve metabolism and immunity system.

It energizes the body and increase healthy blood flow to the reproductive organs to cure various sexual disorders and is also very good for mental health. Maca roots have rich source of vital amino acids, complex carbohydrates, vitamin B1, B2, C and E and also mineral like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium. Zinc is considered as a very important mineral to promote healthy sperm production. Maca roots not only provide ample quantity of zinc but also facilitate absorption of this mineral by the body.

Mucuna pruriens is nervine tonic and aphrodisiac; it improves nervous system and responses of the organs to the signals of the brain and also increase desire for sex, besides it also stimulates testosterone secretion which is a male sex hormone vital for sexual performance and health. This herb increases muscle mass and strength by providing proteins to the muscles and promotes release of HGH. Saw palmetto is another herb which also treats low sperm count as it has the capability to rebuild tissues and tone glands to provide healthy and sound reproductive organs and their functioning.

This herb also amplifies the effect of other herbs. Ginseng has been used in Chinese medication for the treatment of impotency caused due to low sperm count or sperm motility. This herb has muscle strengthening properties and stimulates testosterone secretion for increased desire for sex and energy, stamina and vigor to perform.

Avoiding alcohol intake, smoking, spicy foods, frequent ejaculation and long sitting hours can be helpful in curing low sperm count. Increased intake of banana, milk and adding one teaspoon of clarified butter in the diet can be a good remedy for treating the problem of low sperm count. Mild exercises, reducing weight, avoiding tight fitting undergarments, remaining stress free and avoiding anabolic steroids are also helpful in treating the problem. Increased intake of fruits and vegetables will be a helpful diet too, consuming celery, avocados, nuts and seafood also work as good remedy for low sperm count.

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