Candida Yeast Infection, Caused By Imbalances In Body
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If you are in favor of naturalism, that you can use the oils in skin care and benefits...

Women beautiful and well-groomed do not hesitate to try any method to appear. Used in cosmetic products that contain chemicals, additives and natural without smell Women creates a question mark in their heads. End period manifested in all areas nature turn, Women in the field of cosmetics vegetable now leads to fat. With allergies to skin cosmetics products women preferences natural since oils are used.

Vegetable oils, BC Known since 300 years in medicine, alternative medicine and used in cosmetics, herbal oils are derived from. Oils of plants with flowers, fruit, Bark, leaves, rhizome, and the wood portion is made from resin. Vegetable content of polyunsaturated fats found in fatty acids, lecithin, Vitamins and various support functions of the skin with minerals.

Vegetable some chemical oils drug may contain traces, so when buying chemicals medication does not areas produced qualified oil should be preferred from natural since you, that you skin care oils and the benefits that you can use...

Rosemary oil: Acne can take over, give vitality to the skin.

ROSE OIL: Vitality to the skin gives and makes it taut. Allergic skins good income. Removes makeup, skin birth takes the stain.

DAISY OIL: Sensitive and problematic skins wound healing and skin nourishing properties have.

ORANGE OIL: Enhances Skin complexion and tightens. Of acne and acne dries. Is used as a tonic. Skin with moist cotton is used for skin cleaned.

SESAME OIL: Dry skins, with eyelashes and eyebrows easily apply. Mild, nourishing the skin and sun protective properties of the beam moves. Work deep into the skin, cleansing and purifying of harmful substances can be used.

WHEAT OIL: Regenerating cells, wounds, burns and other skin problems, is used as an effective wrinkle. Skin, sun and birth remove stains.

HAZELNUT OIL: Dry and worn skins easily apply. Before, birth the flexibility of the skin after provide and skin In order to prevent cracking of massage available.

CARROT OIL: Prevents skin breakdown. Sun the healing of burns help happens, the cell renewal. Pro-vitamin A and contains lecithin, skin hardness softens skin color gives.

Cocoa Butter: Skin after pregnancy against corruption useful. Cracked lips and skin stamps to be used against.

APRICOT OIL: Face is used in cleaning. Clears acne, gives vitality to the skin. Removes wrinkles occur with aging. Has moisturizing properties.

Peach OIL: To make the peeling of natural skin care is available.

CHERRY OIL: A and C vitamin because it contains potassium, essential oils and mix with the scrubbing method is applied to the skin. Can be applied to purify the skin for peeling

LEMON OIL: Removes skin acne, improve your skin, can be used as a tonic. Micro crushers, compressors, confirmatory, tensioned are property and free from skin oils. Of massage are used. With the help of a damp cotton skin RASPBERRY OIL cleaned: C and E vitamin because it contains skin useful. Skin care it is used for peeling.

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Candida Yeast


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