Capturing The Stark Beauty Of Beaches
Swathi • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

You may face various struggles when attempting beach photography. This is especially so for beginner photographers. This is usually because many people do not consider the tremendous photographic conditions that need special attention.

For example, there might be too much light, reflections and movements can also stress photographers. At the same time, it can also create brilliant pictures. The following are some tips that might help you:

Remember the Sunny F16 Rule If know that you are taking pictures at the beach especially when it is very sunny, you must remember that your pictures must be of good quality. You can take a series of photos taken with F16 rule and make your own calendar.

Make Use of Reflection At the beach, you will most likely be surrounded by water. Hence, there are plenty of chances for you to take pictures of reflections. If the condition is correct, you pictures will look more interesting.

Pay attention to Black and White Some of you might have views that water or beach is the place to get extraordinary contrasting colors in your pictures. Sometimes, you will also need to explore other colors like black and white.

The Use Driftwood in Pictures This can be found almost anywhere on beaches. This will be a good focal point in your pictures as it enables you to attract the viewer to the area of the picture and also looks beautiful in a custom photo calendar.

Consider the Weather Many will think of beaches when they want to take beautiful cloudless days. They also need to prepare for rainy weather too. This is because the weather is unpredictable and often, spectacular weather can create in beautiful images.

Use Clouds for Drama Many good pictures at the beach always include clouds as it makes the picture more interesting. Take Pictures during Night Time We often think about beaches when we think of beautiful sunrise and sunsets. You also need to consider taking photos at night.

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