Cardio Fitness Exercise Tips And Herbs For Cardiovascular Treatments
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Cardio is important for weight loss and cardiovascular health. Some bodybuilders forget the importance of cardio; I do not want to lose muscle mass as a result. Unless you are an ectomorph, part of your exercise regime should focus on aerobic exercises. Contrary to what some people believe, cardiogram not reduce muscle mass, and help you build endurance and gain more definition.

The best cardio exercise machines need not be the most expensive. But the team realizes, a good exercise is not the cheapest in the world either. If you are looking for an ultra cheap way to do cardiovascular exercise, you may want to consider jogging,

Types of cardiovascular training

Continuous training

The training consists of activities in which more energy is supplied by the aerobic system. This is the kind of training you have been doing in Phase 1 (e.g., taking a walk 30 to 60 minutes per run). At this stage must be able to hold at least 20-90 minutes of activity. Your training intensity should be 65% -80% HR max.

Fartlek training

This training is to insert short bursts of intensity work faster through an ongoing activity. The difference between this activity and hard work that is pure is a deliberate attempt to increase the intensity that causes a temporary accumulation of lactic acid. Interval training

This formation consists of alternating periods of activity and recovery. The advantage of this type of training is that it provides a greater amount of exposure to intensive training without incurring excessive fatigue. increased recovery will occur if you are walking or moving anywhere. This increases the body's ability to remove lactic acid from muscles, take it back to the liver, and convert it into energy.

Herbs for Cardio


This herb has also been promoted to reduce plaque in artery walls. Bromelain is available in capsule form, which can be taken between meals three times a day. This herbal enzyme is also found in the pineapple juice. The anti-inflammatory properties associated with bromelain that is useful to support cardiovascular health.


Eating tasty herb may also have a direct effect in lowering blood pressure.

Red Yeast Rice

This herb has been the subject of many studies to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. Salient findings have been the ability of red yeast rice to reduce LDL levels in the blood. While reducing total cholesterol levels, HDL levels were not affected significantly by the use of the herb. This is especially important for people who can not take statin drugs.

Cardiovascular Exercises

The best way to improve cardiovascular fitness is through cardiovascular exercise. Sometimes, cardiovascular exercise is called "aerobic exercise" or simply "cardio." This type of exercise to acquire improved cardiovascular health use the huge muscles of the body such as legs, to make stronger the heart and lungs.

Learn how to improve cardiovascular health has a number of health benefits of value, such as burning calories and lower blood pressure. Moreover, as the practice of cardiovascular exercise to improve cardiovascular fitness, oxygen is continuously supplied to your muscles.

Cardiovascular exercise is needed to improve cardiovascular fitness and keep your heart in perfect working order. Proper training of the heart requires a degree of intensity, but do not overdo it. Be sure to monitor your heart rate during cardio.

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