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No wonder this body has been a source of references all over the history of mankind. The heart is for the human body as the engine for the car. Without simply a lifeless ornament. The heart is a muscle contraction which fosters the circulation of blood around the body.

You can view it as a four-compartment pump that pumps blood to the lungs to get oxygen and then sends the oxygenated blood to the body. This task is carried out by the so-called ventricles which are two lower compartments.

For the heart is functioning at its optimum irrigation is necessary that the well oxygenated. The myocardium is the muscular tissue of the walls of this organ and is responsible for the movement of it. Unlike other muscles in the human body, it needs oxygen provided or, otherwise, it dies quickly.



Signs that an unpleasant event to happen that is different to each person. However, if you can identify some that are typical in most of those affected.

The main and most well known is the chest pain or a feeling that they are pressing. It presents in front of the chest and sometimes extends up the arm and left shoulder and jaw.

What to do?

The most important thing to note when symptoms of heart attack is not an understatement. If you have and do not stop after a couple of minutes, you should talk to your emergencies in your area.

Do not repair or shame that I spend on unnecessary expenses will fall because in those moments, time is money and it will take more minutes can mean death. Another very important tip to consider is that you must stop doing what you are doing and getting into a position of rest.

Do not even try to reach the hospital by himself or with the help of someone else. Talk immediately to the emergency number to send an ambulance and paramedics with specialized equipment that will give the best service.

Until that happens, you can try to soothe the pain by putting nitroglycerin tablets under your tongue. If none, take a couple of aspirin. When you are receiving care, do not panic at all what they do, they are only checking your vital signs. Best Worry for giving details of what happened to him before asking for help. Tips to prevent

To prevent as much as possible so unpleasant an event occurs, you need to take some sacrifices. The essential thing is to have the oxygenated blood and veins and arteries unblocked. With just do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes a day, you may be contributing greatly to the cause. In order not to cause arterial blockages and clots is very important to take care of everything you eat.

This is more urgent if you are overweight because that condition, the risks are multiplied.

Snuff smoke is also extremely harmful. Since ingested by the lungs, carries harmful substances from the bloodstream, causing possible blockages and coagulated. Quitting smoking significantly reduces the chances of a heart attack.

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