Career Options And Job Opportunities In Game Designing
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If we had spoken about a career in Game Designing about two decades back, nobody would have thought it to be a serious line of profession. But today, Game design not only has many institutions providing serious training on the subject but also very well paid jobs and a bright future.

The great news about the video game design industry is that it's growing at a firm, fast pace. Wide access to the World Wide Web or the internet has created a huge demand for online games. Also, popularity of gaming consoles such as PS, XBOX, Wii, etc. have also generated limitless demand for innovative games. And these may come with a big price tag as well. The gaming industry is worth an exploding $11 billion. A big commercial game might take as much as $500,000.

Many movie makers are also going the gaming way to popularize the characters or let's say cashing on the popularity. Cell phones are another major engine for video game demand generation. Someone's got to trap this rapidly growing market for games and not just supply what is required but also show what all can be made available for buyers.

Game design refers to various aspects of development of the game like- outlining the concept, documenting rules and principles, development of graphics, etc. An avid player of online or video games is not a pre-requisite to build a career in this industry. But it could definitely be a stepping stone toward it.

There are innumerable schools of graphic design that train and give certifications in game design. A degree in computer engineering (for game developers) or a major in arts focusing on computer generated graphics (for designers) might be the basic qualification one needs to pursue a career in game designing.

Freelancing is what many youths are opting for now after course completion. After all, creative minds cannot be asked to work in a 9-5 jobs at some mundane work place. Creativity needs no boundaries and that's why freelancing is more popular.

Some of the common job titles in this domain are:

Design: Level Designer, Game Designer, Senior Level Designer, and Lead Animator, User Interface Artist, Environment Artist

Programming: Programmers, Engineers, Audio Engineer, Graphics Engineers, Network Programmer

Others: Computer Game Producer, Quality Assurance, Associate Producer, and Game Tester

Animation studios and gaming companies are open to pay well.

Remuneration and growth depends on how well one can conceptualize and develop the program. Takers are there. All one needs to do right now is meet the demand at the right time. Starting salary may range from $50,000- $75,000 depending on skills.

As the industry is maturing, breaking into it is not easy any longer. The mantra for success now is to be a master of multiple trades of game designing and not just one. To have an edge, the designer must think like an artist and work like an engineer to bridge the gap between technology and art. Managerial capability and clarity in communication of ideas may lead way to endless growth.

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