Cataract Causes, Symptoms And Some Successful Home Remedies For Cataract And Weak Eyesight
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Cataract is a common eye disease. A cataract refers to an area of the lens of a person's eye that has become whitish and opaque instead of remaining clear. The result is that the person cannot see clearly. The crystalline lens, through which light travels into the interior of the eye, is situated just behind the iris or coloured portion of the eye.

In cataract, this lens becomes opaque, hence, seriously hampering the entrance of light into the eye. Blindness ensues when no light rays can permeate the opacity of the lens.

Cataract Symptoms

The first sign of cataract is blurred vision. The patient finds it difficult to see things in focus. As the disease progresses, the patient may get double vision or spots, or both. At first, vision in twilight may be better than in full daylight since light is admitted round the more widely-dilated pupil in the dark.

In the advanced stage, objects and persons may appear as mere blobs of light, and there is a greyish-white discoloration in the pupil.

Causes of cataract

  1. Aging i.e. it comes with advanced age. Elderly people are more susceptible to suffer from it.

  2. Diabetes

  3. This makes eyes weak and cloudy giving raise to cataract condition

  4. Eye injury – it changes the structures within the eyes

  5. Hypoparathyroidism

  6. Down syndrome

  7. Congenital rubella syndrome – it will cause cataracts in newborns of mothers with rubella.

  8. Injuries in eyes due to radiation

  9. Uveitis

  10. Congenital rubella syndrome – it will cause cataracts in neonates.

  11. Some congenital disorders

  12. Some metabolic disorders

  13. Some medicines

Diet for Cataract - One can go for the cleansing process of the body especially the eyes. For this, start with orange juice and water for three to four days. A warm water enema is to be taken daily during that period. After this initial juice therapy, a very restricted diet is allowed for another two weeks. In this diet, breakfast consists of oranges or grapes or any other juicy fruit available as per the season. Salads of green leafy vegetables in season, with olive oil and lemon juice dressing with soaked raisins, figs or dates can be taken during the meal at day. Evening meal i.e. dinner should consist of steamed vegetables like spinach, fenugreek, drumsticks, raw cabbage, raw cauliflower, carrot, turnips. One should cook them steamed in their own juices. Add few nuts or some fruits like apples, pears and grapes. After two weeks on this specially designed regimen, the cataract patient may switch upon a fuller well-balanced and healthy diet like seeds, nuts and whole grain cereals, vegetables and fruits.

Home Remedies for Cataract

  1. Use Eyebright herb in drops is excellent for cataracts, this plant can be use internally and is much more effective than commercial eye drops and safer.

  2. Eat spinach and take Lutein or spinach extract Contains carotenoid needed for retina and eye tissue sometimes reversing cataracts.

  3. Vitamin A is very necessary for a healthy vision.

  4. Dusty miller used to dissolve cataracts and corneal opacities, if used in the early stages of the disease.

  5. Take Ginkgo biloba increases the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the eye and it clears toxins.

  6. Eat lots of green vegetables, specially spinach, kale and berries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries and fruits rich in Vitamin C and E.

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