Cataracts Causes And Treatment For Eye Disorder
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Cataracts are more common among the people of the old age group. It is one of the most common eye problems and is caused because of the clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens of the eye which is responsible for focusing of the light and in turn producing clear and sharp images when cloudy, results in blurred images becomes.

The lens is mostly made up of protein and water. When the protein behind the lens begins to build up, it affects the light passing through the lens which in turn results in blurred image. Cataracts are considered to be a natural sign of aging. It may develop in the both the eyes round about the same time. In the very worst form of cataract it may result in a complete loss of vision.

Cataracts Treatments

If the cataract is diagnosed at an early stage then it can be improved before the condition deteriorates and can be treated by magnifying lenses, anti glare sunglasses, new eye glasses and better lighting. If this form of cataracts treatments fails to help then the only remedial measure is surgery. The surgical procedure involves the removal of the cloudy lens and replacing it with an artificial lens.

A cataracts treatments is undertaken only when the loss of vision is hundred percent or when it interferes with the daily activities like reading, watching TV or driving. You can consult your eye care expert and then make the decision of whether or not you need to undergo surgery or if it can be cured with the help of medicines.

If you are contemplating surgery, then understand the pros and cons of it and then decide whether you should go for it and if it will be beneficial for you. You need to take a informed decision as in many cases you do not have to immediately rush into surgery. Many a times you can delay your surgery as it will not cause any long term or additional damage to your eye. It will also not make the surgery difficult in any ways.

However, in certain cases, especially with people in the old age group it is necessary to remove the cataract immediately even if it is not effecting the vision. For instance, in certain cases there could be other eye problem like diabetic retinopathy or age related macular degeneration. In order to treat these eye problems there are times when cataract need to be treated.

You can consult with your eye care expert who can advise you whether or not you need to undergo a surgery. You can go for regular check up to your eye care expert who will advise you accordingly if there is any need of a surgery. If there is a requirement of surgery, then your eye care expert will refer you to the concerned specialist.

In certain cases the cataract is in a very advanced stage in both the eyes. In such cases immediate treatment is required in both the eyes. But surgery cannot be performed in both the eyes simultaneously. It can be performed in both the eyes within a gap of four to eight weeks. There are certain risks and benefits attached to cataracts treatments and hence it is always advised to consult your eye care expert.

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