Cause Of Low Sperm Count And Low Semen Volume
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A man can be a low sperm count for many possible reasons. It does not necessarily mean that he is naturally infertile. Sexually Transmitted Diseases can infect sperm, reduced fertility. Wearing tight underpants over a long period of time can obstruct the testicles to produce sperm. Frequent ejaculation affects sperm quality, because it will be very thin with only a few sperm. There are many possible causes of low sperm in men.

Smoking, alcohol, physical or mental stress, along with zinc deficiency, malformed genitals and consumption of anabolic steroids are all individual factors that significantly endanger a man's sperm count. On the one surprise there are a few promising ways to naturally revive your sperm naturally.

Ways Can Naturally Revitalize Their Semen.

Low level of testosterone is the main cause of low sperm count and low semen volume. The level of testosterone may decrease due to numerous reasons.

Control the amount of sex and masturbation. Ejaculations should be divided into 3-day gap in maintaining sperm density, quantity and quality.

To refrain from smoking and excessive drinking. A smoke detector once every 3-4 days and a beer or two times a week is acceptable. Smoking two packs of cigarettes and drinking 6 beers every day will definitely help you to effectively infertile. So avoid taking too much or leave this habit to increase your sperm.

Regularly exercising your abdomen and genitals can be very useful in controlling the amount of grease generated in the area. A nutritious diet, low in fat, high in protein with vegetables is recommended. Meat and whole grains is good food. Spicy, astringent foods and caffeine should be reduced.

Testicles should not be heated. Avoid hot baths and saunas, especially if you are in a hot country.

Because obesity causes testosterone and estrogen imbalances, which are the reason why they should maintain their weight according to their height and daily physical hardships. It is scientifically proven that mental stress can be more harmful than physical fatigue. Stress levels can be controlled and enlightened by the regular sessions of yoga and meditation. They help the mind calm down and help a person relax.

Full body massage using herbal oils are very effective in improving blood circulation. Special attention should be paid to specific parts of the genital region.

Making love during the early morning hours of the afternoon is best if sperm levels are often at their highest during these times.

Natural supplements are excellent products that help the sperm development and help to prolong sexual intercourse, sexual pleasure, and the number of sperm.

Get more information how to increase low sperm count and remedies for male fertility.

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