Causes Of Hair Fall And Baldness That You Must Know
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Hair plays an important part in beautifying our appearance. Hair makes us look beautiful and attractive. Before learning the ways to treat hair fall, we must take a glance of the causes that lead to hair fall and baldness.

  1. Dandruff, a scalp problem is a leading cause of hair fall in many. It is medically termed as pityriasis, and consists of large flakes of dead skin cells arising from the scalp when scraped. Dandruff is odorous, may be oily or greasy, and loosens or weakens roots leading to hair fall.

  2. Hair shaft abnormalities lead to fragile and easily breakable hair.

  3. Trichorrhexis nodosa is a disease causing swelling or inflammation of the hair shaft. The swelling resembles tiny nodes, and causes hair to break off easily. This type of disorder is brought about by excessive exposure of hair to toxins and chemicals contained in dyes or styling gels, aggressive brushing or combing and usage of blow dryers.

  1. Loose Anagen syndrome is characterized by painless dislodging of hair from scalp. It attacks small female children with blonde hair, and does not even allow to grow beyond the nape of neck.

  2. Trichotillomania is more of a mental disorder causing the victim to suffer from compulsive urges to pull out hair with aggression. This results in much hair fall and bald patches.

  3. Folliculitis is a problem characterized by the inflammation of individual hair follicle. This leads to loosening at the roots and hair fall subsequently.

  4. Seborrhoeic dermatitis is a scalp disorder causing severe itching and flakiness on the scalp. This leads to damage of follicle and loss of hair. Heredity, environmental pollution and immune-system disorders are factors causing flaky scalp.

  5. Fungal infections such as scalp ring worm also leads to baldness.

  6. In males, alopecia or baldness occurs primarily due to male hormones collectively named as androgens. One of the androgens is testosterone. In males who have genetically inherited baldness, little amount of a derivative form of testosterone is produced by the hair roots. The derivative is known as dihydrotestosterone. It blocks hair follicles and cause hair fall or androgenic alopecia.

  7. Blocking or clogging of scalp pores due to excessive oil or sebum secretion is a cause of baldness. The sebum stifles follicles and restricts hair growth.

  8. Poor blood flow to the scalp and insufficient nutrients in blood also causes baldness.

  9. In women, alopecia is an upsetting post-menopause occurrence. When menopause occurs, estrogen levels fall; there occurs a hormonal imbalance triggering excessive production of DHT or dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone, the major hair producing hormone. This leads to hair fall and thinning in women.

  10. Stress, anxiety and sudden shock also cause baldness.

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