Causes Of Stretch Marks
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If your stomach is flabby and you believe that it is causing you to have stretch marks than the only reasonable solution would be for you to lose weight. Unfortunately they are not just reserved for ladies who are pregnant. Unfortunately anyone and everyone can develop them and do so at different times of their lives.

A stretch mark is basically a scar on the skin made by rapidly growing underlying tissue which causes the skin to stretch and tear. Excessive weight gain, pregnancy, growth spurts and some medications including steroids are some of the main causes. When talking about removing stretch marks then there are natural ways, medical treatments and certain effective products that help in the removal of stretch marks.

Stretch marks come about in a variety of causes. First, they can occur because of physical changes in the body. Whenever adolescents are undergoing uncontrollable growth spurts, they are most likely to develop a number of marks in different parts of their body. Stretch marks are most common in women around the thighs, buttocks, pelvic juncture and breasts but can also occur in other areas and in men as well.

When you starting using stretch mark creams you must have patience but you will be rewarded with the eventual fading of your stretch marks. When people are young, the skin stretches and snaps back into place quickly, because of all of the elastic fibers. The production of elastic fibers decreases with age, but not until around the age of 40, as long as you are in good health.

There are other factors that can affect what causes stretch marks, including skin type, genetic factors (people whose parents suffer from stretch marks are more likely to develop scarring themselves), diet and lifestyle (people who are under hydrated, or not receiving right nutrition are more likely to be affected). The most common cases are when a woman get's pregnant and her tummy swells or when a person has gained a lot of weight.

Though it is very common in women, men also get these scarring, for example body builders who put on a lot of muscles thus stretching the skin in the process. While stretch marks don't bring any major health issues with them, it's the sight of them that many people seek to fix. Learning how to prevent stretch marks or get rid of them is important for many people so they can retain a sense of pride in their cosmetic appearance.

The key to stomach flab, stretch marks and loose skin is wrapped around the principles of eating less, moving more and controlling your weight. For eating less you simply need to make sure you consume what your body needs and not what the mouth and mind wants. One can also go for laser treatments which are quite helpful in removing stretch marks. However, it is something that everyone can't have access to. Laser treatments are very expensive because of which they are not so popular. The women who suffer from them will be afraid to wear swimsuits and will try to hide their bodes in shame. The good thing is there are products and treatments that can help to diminish them or remove them completely.

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