Causes Of Vaginal Odor
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Vaginal odor is quite harassing and an embarrassing predicament for women. It can be chronic or acute. Not that a smelly vagina always signals an STD (Sexually transmitted diseases), it can be the result of poor hygiene as well. You must always have underwear that are 100% cotton. You must avoid all color of underwear except the white ones can be worn. Do not put perfume in your underwear. Avoid wash your undies with fragrance free mild soap.

Vaginal infections are a common cause of odor. To eliminate vaginal odor successfully, the very first thing you need to do is check to see if you're suffering from an infection. The most common types of vaginal infections are yeast infections, bacterial infections, and STIs (particularly trichomoniasis). Avoid overwashing. Most women who know they have unpleasant vaginal odor will wash vigorously and frequently. Surprisingly, this can actually make the problem much worse-indeed overwashing can be the cause of the smell.

The normal vaginal odor is caused by the normally residing bacteria (or normal flora as experts call it) called the lactobacilli. These bacteria don't use up oxygen and just like how our body uses up nutrients without oxygen, a byproduct of lactic acid is formed which is elaborated more in the process of citric acid cycle. Generally, the reason for vaginal odor is related to sexual practices. Sexual hygiene to avoid vaginal odor means douching for a lot of women. The fact, however, is that douching may lead to over-drying, which in turn comes with its own issues during sex.

Getting rid of the root cause will get rid of the odor too. Consult a doctor to determine the cause, whether it is bacterial, fungal or yeast. As a protocol, the doctor will request a vaginal smear. Although they can be transmitted via sexual intercourse, all these infections may auto-manifest; that is, they can erupt in the individual without intercourse having taken place. It's thought this happens where the vagina has an imbalance between "good" and "bad" bacteria. Keeping the vaginal area clean and dry is one of the simplest natural vaginal odor remedies. Wear all cotton underwear that will absorb excess vaginal discharge which is often the cause of odor.

Depending on the smell, a woman should see her health care provider right away to find out if there is something more serious, like a STD. Your physician may prescribe you antibiotics like they did for my girlfriend.

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Vaginal Odor


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