Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies For Bursitis
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Bursitis can be defined as a common sports-related injury. However, it can also be an occupational hazard if someone's job needs repetitive motions over extended periods. A bursa is nothing but a fluid-filled sac that is present inside each joint. Bursa lies between a joint bone and the muscle or tendon that covers it. It acts as padding or a shock-absorber and thus protects the soft tissue from damage due to friction with the hard bone.

In vigorous or repetitive movement, this friction of the bone over the bursa may cause inflammation of the entire structure and then it leads to pain and swelling. This condition is known as bursitis. Bursitis occurs at any joint in the body but shoulders, knees and elbows are the commonest sites of bursitis.

Causes of Bursitis

Rheumatoid arthritis Joint overuse Joint injury Joint infection Gout Arthritis Bursa infectious condition Certain diseases Some profession such as athletics and running Obesity

Bursitis Symptoms:

Strengthening and Physical Therapy Proper strengthening technique can help you avoid bursitis by using your muscles in a safe, more efficient manner. For example, patients with shoulder bursitis can learn ways to move the shoulder that will not cause inflammation. Do not begin exercises until the inflammation of bursitis has resolved!

Take Breaks Alternate repetitive tasks with breaks to relieve pressure. Don't perform one activity continuously for hours at a time.

Cushion Your Joints If your work involves an activity such as prolonged kneeling, use protective cushions. These can be purchased at hardware stores--ask for roofers pads.

The steps listed above are usually adequate bursitis treatment, and most patients have resolution of their symptoms. Learning to avoid activities that may cause a bursitis flare-up can also be important. If these steps are not sufficient, drainage of the bursa or surgical excision may also be considered. Usually, there are only necessary if the aforementioned treatments have failed.

As explained earlier, some cases of bursitis have a bacterial infection of the fluid in the swollen bursa. If this is the case, then the bursa will have to be drained, and you will need antibiotic treatment. It is important that you see your doctor if you think you may have infected bursitis.

Bursitis due to underlying conditions such as arthritis and gout are more difficult to treat and recur more frequently. The best management in these situations is to do your best to avoid flare-ups of gouty attacks or arthritic episodes, and to avoid activities which you have learned cause bursitis.

Home remedies for Bursitis

One of the proven home remedies for bursitis is - grate one potato and add to a cup of water. Steep it overnight and then strain in the next morning. Drink the whole liquid at a time before breakfast. For maximum benefit, it should be done on a daily basis to prevent bursitis.

Diet for bursitis - One should increase intake of calcium and vitamin B12 as vitamin deficiency contributes to swelling of an organ. Eating food that provides plenty of magnesium e.g. leafy vegetables will be better idea. One should also drink a mixture of water, apple cider vinegar and honey.

One can add one tbsp of cayenne pepper to one cup of apple cider vinegar and then bring it to a boil. Simmer for about fifteen minutes. Dip a cloth into the liquid and then apply over the affected area as a poultice. You can also rub the area with warm olive oil before directly onto the skin. This is one of the best bursitis treatment.

One of the best home remedies for bursitis is massaging the affected area with warm olive oil daily. This will stop the recurrence of bursitis, and it will also help relieving the pain.

Sea waters have also been proven to cure chronic bursitis. Drink it daily. You can purchase the sea water from a local health food store. But be cautious that one should not use this recipe if suffering from high blood pressure. This is one of the useful natural remedy for bursitis.

Bursitis cure - One can also add several drops of lavender oil to the bathwater to relieve spasms of pain.

Home remedy for bursitis includes grating a fresh horseradish root. Moisten it with water and then put it in a small porous bag. Use this as a poultice and apply it over the affected joint.

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