Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies For Menstruation
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Menstruation itself how to define the Monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of the woman is not embarrassed in the Age of puberty to menopause style. Stopped The menstrual flow is an important indication paragraph conceive without Son. The normal menstrual flow comes for 3-5 days and normal pattern Rank Cycle Days 24-32.

Irregular menstruation, if you tag, when a woman suffers from the bleeding that is unrelated Cycle The With regular WHEN periods are longer and heavier as compare to normal, when no hay or No periods etc. WHEN Time or distance between two periods is longer or shorter "More Than of Normal Any hay or uterine bleeding, a FOLLOWING IS ALSO It is the condition for a disorder of menstruation or irregular menstruation. Women For one, both at the ends (say is, start and end of life and other considerations irregular menstrual and physiological or normal.

Causes of irregular menstruation

Exercise Intense or Intense Exercise can weaken the body. THIS COULD irregular menstrual periods. Heavy Cargo or lift heavy material can cause painful and irregular menstruation.

Hormonal birth control: Irregular periods and birth control pills sometimes go hand in hand. Body Time tomatoes without adapting a paragraph The New Levels of Hormones That son delivered by Pills Hormonal birth control.

Diet: The poor diet or extreme weight loss or gain can affect hormone levels in the body. Women, anorexia and bulimia With Often Have irregular periods or none at all. Malnourished Women may experience irregular menstrual periods. The extreme hot or spicy foods can prolong the menstrual period. THIS CAN Also increase bleeding and pain Duran Flow.

Menarche: WHEN a girl attends her first period, it is apparent that the irregularity in the initial stages. SOME cases take up to three years previous paragraph to get regular.

Pregnancy The body produces different levels of hormones and New Hormones also. THIS Termination Period in Women. However, THIS IS ONE of the biggest signs confirming the pregnancy of the woman.

Stress: Now it shows that stress has impact on the United Nations On the regularity of the periods. If the woman is worried, tired or anxious that they can develop menstrual irregularity in the flow. It can ignore Period or Period can last long against Profuse bleeding.

The campaign Symptoms of irregular menstruation

Symptoms The campaign began with very less or profuse bleeding. Outside the Sangrado do produce regular menstruation. The space between two menstrual periods is long or short "More than compared with the normal cycle. There is no pain in flanks, back, just above the pelvic region. Change In The Mood and irritability is common enough

The lack of interest, anorexia, insomnia, etc, it is not uncommon for a woman who suffers from irregular menstruation. Sometimes a woman passes the meat is hot and the status of this service mayor about Care.

Complication of irregular menstruation

Generally, a woman overlooks his irregular periods Thinking That will be fine for the next cycle. Sometimes it may be some other underlying complication causing irregularity in the menstrual cycle. Have one being careful paragraph This type of menstruation of how once, it becomes a grave disease, it makes difficult to treat.

As a complication, irregular menstruation can interfere with ovulation, and that can become LIKE A polycystic ovary syndrome is the disease is not without cyst that disturbs the normal ovulation. Dandruff, acne, weight gain, excessive growth of hair and blood pressure child Commons Alta. Ovarian Cancer and Heart Disease endometriosis are more complicated child Stages rare occurrence.

Home Remedies for menstrual problems

Parsley is one of the more effective home remedies para menstruation disorders. Parsley juice CAN be taken in a dose of 75 ml Each Day

Menstruation Diet - Cooked banana flower WHEN come with the curd Bleeding gives relief.

Dissolve two aspirins, 1 / 2 tsp. Sugar and 1 / 2 tsp. of honey in half cup of water. "Drink this solution. these places give you a regular menstrual cycles and is Also Effective home remedy paragraph menstruation.

Highly child safflower beneficial in the treatment of menstruation. It can take as a drink by boiling two teaspoons of dried safflower seeds and powder in 120 ml of water.

Diet Menstruation - Among the fruits of the papaya is very beneficial when suffering from amenorrhea.

PUT menstruation remedy - Half a teaspoon of sesame seeds powder if Hot Water With Take twice a day helps reduce the pain. This is ONE of the effective home remedies menstruation paragraph

Also a hot hipbath provide relief from menstrual pain.

Scielo child coriander Highly beneficial in the treatment of excessive menstruation. Boil 6 grams of seeds in a pint of water "and boil until it is the left half. THIS IS ONE of useful natural remedy for menstruation.

Ginger is no paragraph Effective home remedy menstrual problems also. A piece of fresh ginger itself Debe hit and boiled in a cup of water "and other Debe taken three times daily after meals. This is a better cure period.

WHEN beet juice tomatoes in a dose of 60 to 90 grams twice a day for the United Nations provides relief of All Forms of menstrual problems.

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