Causes, Symptoms And Natural Remedies For Dandruff
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Hair fall, dry hair, dull hair and dandruff are some hair related problems. Most hair problems are actually related to the scalp problems. Dandruff is also a kind of scalp problem but the actual cause of dandruff is not known. Dandruff can be treated easily and you can take repeated treatments in case the dandruff comes back again. Dandruff causes treatment will help you to keep the dandruff away. You will need to target the scalp in order to remove the dandruff completely from your hair. In order to avoid getting dandruff make sure that you take proper care of your hair and scalp.

Causes of Dandruff:

The main cause of dandruff is the fungus malassezia that lives on human skin. The skin oil is the food of this fungus. This malassezia fungus multiplies on the dirty scalp and thus causes dandruff. But the real reason behind the growth of this fungus is also still not known. The other dandruff causes treatment are poor scalp hygiene, stress, overuse of harsh shampoo, chemical based hair treatments and weather conditions. In wintertime you will notice dandruff problem more than in summers. Overexposure to sun also causes various skin problems.

In dandruff causes treatment you should first try to figure out what type of dandruff you are suffering from, as there are two main types of dandruff. Pityriasis-capitis is a kind of dandruff in which white dry flakes start falling from the scalp and this happens due to the dryness of the skin. Stress and your diet both play important role in causing this type of dandruff. This type of dandruff can be treated with anti-dandruff shampoo, lotions, creams and oils. Seborrhea dermatitis is the second type of dandruff in which scaly and crusted thick and oily dandruff appears on the scalp. This makes the scalp look greasy. You can treat this type of dandruff with anti-dandruff shampoo, home remedies, etc but if the condition is serious then it is better to take medical help.

Symptoms of Dandruff:

Symptoms of dandruff can differ in intensity, frequency, and duration amongst individuals. Dandruff is a chronic condition, and symptoms can come and go. Symptoms include itching and flaking of the skin on the scalp. Symptoms often occur in people who have oily or greasy hair. Flakes of skin can be whitish or yellowish and can become visible on the hair. There also may be redness of the scalp and hair loss.

Dandruff is not a serious condition, but there is a potential for complications, especially in severe cases. Complications may include embarrassment, low self esteem, and withdrawal from social situations. Other complications include excessive scratching, which can lead to scalp inflammation, open breaks in the scalp, and a secondary bacterial infection or fungal infection of the scalp.

Home Remedies for Dandruff:

Hot stream bath especially on the scalp is highly beneficial. Massage of warm olive or sesame oil and then wrap a warm cloth or a towel on head for few minutes is very helpful in getting rid of dandruff. For getting rid of dandruff apply peel of lime immersed in coconut milk or oil heated naturally by leaving it in sunshine for ten days.

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Apply hot olive oil or sesame oil on the scalp at bed time. Now an hour prior to the bathing rub lime juice mixed with the cosmetic vinegar on the scalp. Wash and rinse your hairs properly. For the last rinse use lime juice and warm water. Follow this process for about 3 months twice a week. This will surely help in relieving from dandruff.

Massage the scalp with almond and olive oil for five minutes, leave it for some time and then rinse off to get the dandruff free hairs. Final rinsing of hairs with the cider vinegar after applying a herbal shampoo also relieves from dandruff. Applying two table spoon of cosmetic vinegar and six table spoon of hot water on the scalp with the help of cotton swab and leave it over night. After that wash it with herbal or a mild baby shampoo. Giving sufficient exposure of sun to the scalp is another important method of getting rid of dandruff Applying gently warm coconut oil mixed with one hundredth of black pepper is very good remedy for treating dandruff. Beet root crushed in henna paste is good in preventing dandruff and hair fall when applied on head. Beet root juice mixed with cider vinegar and ginger juice is very helpful in treating dandruff. Juice of snake gourd is very effective treatment in curing dandruff when rubbed gently on the scalp.

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