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Kyosera: Kyocera 2345 1135 1. Press 111111 (#1 key 6 times) 2. Option will be highlighted 3. Press OK 4. Scroll down to Programming 5. The service programming dialog will appear Enter Security Code. 6. Enter the 6 digit OTSKL (code will show as asterisks on screen) 7. Service Options will appear 8. Scroll down to the BASIC NAM1 Info 9. Press OK

  1. Select the Phone Number by pressing the OK key
  2. Using the keypad enter the 10 digit MIN
  3. Press OK
  4. Press END to complete the programming Kyocera 6035
  5. Press 1 six times (111111) and select OPTIONS
  7. Open flip
  8. Tap the OTKSL on keypad on the screen. Tap OK
  9. Tap on the PHONE NUMBER field. Enter MIN.
  10. Leave A-KEY blank
  11. Enter HOME SID (4654)
  12. Tap SAVE & EXIT
  13. Tap YES
  14. Phone will be in OFF MODE Close flip. Kyocera 3035
  15. Press 111111 (the #1 key six times)
  16. Options will be highlighted
  17. Press in the navigation key (Navigation key is the button located between the TALK & END key)
  18. Scroll to PROGRAMMING using the Navigation key
  19. Select PROGRAMMING by pressing in the Navigation key
  20. Enter the six digit OTKSL and press in the navigation key
  21. SERVICE OPTIONS will appear
  22. Scroll down to the Basic NAM1 info
  23. Press in the navigation key
  24. Clear any numbers that may appear using the “clear” key (arrow key located directly below the navigation key)
  25. Select the PHONE NUMBER by pressing in the navigation key
  26. Enter the 10 digit MIN select OK by pressing in the navigation key
  27. Press END. Programming is complete. Kyocera 2255
  28. Press the 1 key six times (111111) “Option will be highlighted
  29. Press OK
  30. Scroll down to “Programming” and press “OK”
  31. Enter OTKSL and press the navigation key
  32. “Service Options” will appear scroll down to the “Basic NAM1 Info”
  33. Press OK
  34. Select Phone Number by pressing OK
  35. Enter MIN and press OK again
  36. Scroll to Home SID and press OK
  37. Enter SID (4654) and press OK
  38. Press END. Programming is complete.

QCP 2035 1. Press 1 six times (111111) 2. Press u key to select OPTIONS 3. Highlight PROGRAMMING and press u key 4. Enter OTKSL 5. ESN will appear press left arrow key to select OK 6. Enter MIN and press ? key 7. Press ? key again to exit - Programming is complete



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