CDMA Codes For Other Mobiles (Set 2)
J.H.Balaji • onIt & Systems 11 years ago • 2 min read

Audiovox: Audiovox 9100 1. Press ## 2. Enter the OTKSL 3. Display will read Service/Menu 1 Basic…press OK 4. Next screen will read Service Mode/Home SID…press OK 5. Next screen will read Service Mode/Home SID…press OK 6. Device will display Service Menu 1. Basic # 7. Press END button to complete programming

Handspring TREO: 1. Open the flip and press the PHONEBOOK button one time to display the dial pad 2. Enter ## and the OTKSL using the numbers on the Dial Pad 3. Press the handset button shown in the diagram above 4. At the Activations screen enter the MIN in the phone number field using the numbers on the device keyboard 5. Put a check in the Enable Number Portability box and type the MSID in the MSIN field 6. Press OK 7. The device will display the network search pop-up and return to the Phonebook display

Hitachi P300: 1. Enter ## and the 6 digit OTKSL 2. Press the Options soft key and then scroll to Save Phone #. Press the OK soft key. 3. At the NAM display scroll to EDIT and press the OK soft key 4. Display will read NAM and MDN will be highlighted. Press the OK soft key. 5. At the MDN display enter the 10 digit MIN and press the SAVE soft key. 6. At the Save prompt press the OK soft key. The next display will show several options that should not edited. 7. Press the EXIT soft key and the device will power cycle. 8. Programming is complete.



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