CDMA Secret Codes NOKIA
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Here I provides to you secret codes for most types of CDMA Mobile Phones. Hope they'll helps you to solve out your problem to CDMA technology. Most common CDMA phone models available here and rest you got soon.

Nokia: 5185/6185 programming: *3001#12345# Software version: #837# or #VER# or *#9999# Serial / ESN: #92772689# or #WARRANTY# Phone reset: #75681# or #75682#

Nokia 6185-5170 1. Press *#639# 2. Enter OTKSL and press OK 3. Enter the MIN and select OK 4. Enter the SID and select OK 5. Programming is complete

Nokia 3585 1. Enter ## followed by the OTKSL 2. Number (MDN) is highlighted. Press the upper left-hand soft key to select 3. Mobile Number will display. Enter the 10 digit MIN 4. Press OK 5. IMSI will appear. Press and hold the Clear key until the display is empty. 6. Enter 31000 plus the MSID (15 digits total) 7. Press the upper left hand soft key and select OK 8. It will take you back to the SVC Programming. Press the upper right hand soft key to select EXIT 9. Press END. 10. Phone will power cycle and programming is complete.

Secret Codes


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