Cell Phone Radiation Effects
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Radiation in cell phones and the health risks associated with that, have been a topic for discussion since the booming trend of mobile technology. Some people believe the radiation emitted can potentially be extremely dangerous for cell phone users. Many medical professionals have long been at work to test and retest the workings and determine the exact symptoms and causes of cell phone radiation that harm pregnant mothers.

The cell phone industry is never going to admit that there are serious health hazards related to cell phone radiation. However, no conclusive evidence has been found on the matter that would link cancer to cell phone use. One reason there is concern over the use of cells, is because they are held on the ear and next to the brain during use.

The cell phone radiation shield uses materials which are comparable to those used to dissipate radar signals. The shield utilizes a material which works to dissipate the radiation rather than deflect it back into the environment which would possibly cause harmful effects to those nearby. Dangerous frequencies of radiation are emitted by cellular and cordless phones.

These frequencies can imitate the frequency of a hormone, antigen, or other signal molecule at the cellular level. Cell phones emit radiation because they function as transmitters. Like all transmitters, they produce radiation, and the intensity of the radiation is in direct proportion to the cell phone's frequency and how close the phone is held to your ear.

Here are some easy to follow cell phone radiation protection measures to keep you safe and radiation free from cells. Limit your cell use to only necessary calls and keeping calls concise will eliminate extended exposure to radiation. One cannot deny this fact that these invisible radiations can impart a deep-rooted ill-effect on the life plus health of the child which is yet to be born! These radiations have an unpleasant affect on the life of the developing child as well as the mother during pregnancy.

Because radiation comes from talking on the cellular phone, and doing so is virtually non negotiable in our modern society, there have to be other ways to address the problems of cellular radiation other than to simply get off the phone. In regard to cell phone use, the precautionary principle suggests practices such as using a wired headset instead of a Bluetooth earpiece, and enabling the speaker function rather than holding the phone to your ear. In addition, rather than storing the cell phone in your pocket, keep the phone away from your body between calls.

The exposure to radiation from cell towers has sometimes resulted in people getting cardiac arrhythmia and palpitations. This is also because of the leakage of membrane calcium from the cells of the heart muscle caused by electromagnetic exposure. Another thing that you can do is purchase a buffer that attaches to your cell phone. These are very helpful, and made out of all natural things. Start using the speaker phone feature. This will keep the phone away from the head. Generally removing an object that does have radiation emissions by even a few feet reduces it's impact by hundreds of times.

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