Cellulite Treatments - Tips And Treatments For Relief From Cellulite
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The body health fight cellulite and what causes the containers to the stored fat. The negative pressure (suction) increases the flow of lymphatic fluid through the tissue to stored fat, while moving rollers push the fluid around the fat cells, thereby reducing the size and the disappearance of aspects, with smooth and lower surface of the skin. During the procedure, the increased blood flow stimulates the regeneration of the skin, stimulates the production of elastic and collagen to improve skin formation.

There are many factors involved in the genesis of cellulite, which typically occurs in many women and some men. These include:

The genes may have some responsibility for causing the cellulite. For this reason, even women with normal body weight can have cellulite


• Poor nutrition • Some atypical diets • Slow Metabolism • Hormonal changes • Pregnancy • Increasing age, aging • Excessive body weight or obesity

What is cellulite and how it formed?

Cellulite is mainly caused by the accumulation of toxins in the body. All the muscles of the body covered with a layer of fatty tissue, which varies in thickness, surrounded by fluid, providing nutrients and removing waste products. This tissue is based on a fiber network, and when the system is working properly, all waste products are removed, resulting in smooth curves of the body. When the waste removal system is not working properly, waste accumulation, connective tissue becomes saturated with wet, it loses its elasticity and often swollen. The development of adiposities (fat cells) destroys collagen and elastic fibers in the network, leading to the tissue to thicken and harden, forming the image of "orange peel".

Cellulite is often created by women after childbirth and in women taking contraceptive pills because the waste disposal system products can not be relieved of the enormous flow of estrogen in the body. Cellulite can also develop after an injury if the circulatory system is disturbed. A sedentary lifestyle leads to hardening of connective tissue, causing the skin folds. The relief from cellulite, it requires intensive therapy, apotixinosi and lifestyle changes to prevent future creation. The main points for cellulite is free of toxins, and ensure that no further accumulation of toxins in the system.

Treatment of cellulite

Cellulite is simply a way to store fat instead of being stored diffusely stored gathered separated fibers thus presents the appearance of orange peel. It is mostly hereditary, if it had your mom; you're more likely to have you join them. And that's why you see many people who do not exercise at all without a trace of cellulite. Not due to poor circulation to toxins or problems with the lymphatic system as claimed by the various salons and companies that produce products for cellulite. So as there is in them, all the creams and products containing ingredients that help the movement are essentially useless. People who lead a sedentary life, stress, and are taking birth control pills are more likely to develop cellulite. What can you do?

The truth is that not much food, good nutrition can help fat loss and improve this situation a bit, but nothing else. While the extra weight can be borne by the cellulite, but can not. There are many overweight people have cellulite, and many weaknesses that have cellulite.

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