Center Says YES To Telangana, Hyd And Vizag May Be Union Territories..
Sunny • onInformation 9 years ago • 2 min read

Home Minister P Chidambaram on late Wednesday night announced that the process of forming the state of Telangana will be initiated.

"Resolution will be moved in the state assembly," he said.

That a resolution to this effect would be moved in the Andhra Pradesh assembly shortly. Though he did not specify the timing, there is speculation that it may be tabled as early as Thursday.

There was no announcement on what would happen to Hyderabad, but KCR’s son, K T Rama Rao, told Times Now that Telangana without Hyderabad was unimaginable. However, he said that KCR would end his fast shortly.

However, from unofficial sources Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam will be Union Territories, or Hyderabad capital may move to Vijayawada or Visakhapatnam.

Emerging after a late-night meeting at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s residence, Union home minister P Chidambaram made the announcement, adding that the Centre had requested Andhra Pradesh chief minister K Rosaiah to withdraw cases against leaders, students and those associated with the separate Telangana agitation. He also appealed to KCR to call off his fast.

With the fast entering 11th day, 55-year-old Chandrasekhara Rao's health developed protein malfunction after he refused even intravenous fluids. But in the afternoon doctors said there was a "marginal improvement" in his condition after he agreed to have intravenous fluids and to be put on saline drips.

Tension mounted in the state capital and Telangana region ahead of the "march to Hyderabad" which resembled a fortress as additional police forces were deployed and hundreds of activists were rounded up to prevent any protests.

Telangana region accounts for 119 of the 294 assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh and 17 of the 42 Lok Sabha seats.



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