Chandrababu Naidu From Telangana Villain To Hero
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The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) President N Chandrababu Naidu once again refused to take bail and preferred to stay behind the bars for five more days. A court in Maharashtra's Nanded district on Monday extended the judicial custody of the TDP Chief and 74 other party leaders.

Just a week ago, Naidu was seen as a villain in the Telangana region, but he has now become a hero and hailed as the saviour. Former Andhra Pradesh chief minister and TDP Chief Naidu has hijacked the disputed Babli barrage issue right under the nose of pro-Telangana TRS and the ruling Congress party in his state. His arrest and judicial custody have elevated Naidu to martyrdom in the eyes of the local people.

"This is almost an illegal arrest and that's why we took the stand," said TDP leader and MP Dr M V Mysura Reddy.

Eventhough, Naidu claims that his fight has nothing to do with politics and he is just doing his duty as a leader of the state, Opposition parties are not ready to buy his argument. 12 Assembly seats in the volatile Telangana region are going to by-polls on July 27. Meanwhile, Naidu's sudden interest in the issue is being directly linked to it.

Chief Minister K Rosaiah met the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi on Monday to discuss the issue. Many in the Andhra Congress feel that Congress ruled Maharashtra government's decision to arrest Naidu has dented the image of the party in Andhra Pradesh and it had given the issue on a silver platter to the TDP. But Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan is still defensive.

"Passions are running high in Babli. Naidu should understand it. We are also concerned about his security." said Ashok Chavan, CM, Maharashtra.

The TDP is now planning to make it a big national issue and its leaders are busy trying to bring the Opposition together. The results of by-polls can only tell whether Naidu has really won Telangana.



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  • Guest 9 years ago
    Cunning CBN can never become the Hero, he is a dirty politician because of him still Telangana is not bifucated.How one can forget that fact. Once again he can do any thing for the sake of power,bloody back stabber.