Characteristics Of Normal Breast And Causes Of Decline
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Breasts: The breasts are between 3 and 7 side and the shape is spherical. This makes the nipple, surrounded by colored circular skin. The size varies depending on the breed and age. The female breasts are breast-feeding organ, while the men remain in substandard condition. Normally the female breasts grow during puberty and breast-feeding, and lethargy during the menopause. For the cosmetic care of the breast is one of the most interesting works. It's works very fine.

The characteristics of normal breast

* Nipples are the same height
* It is stable to the touch and inherent good skin
* There are no creases under the skin
* The nipples should form the equilateral triangle with a top of the breastbone.
* A chest is perfect when fit into a glass of champagne, experts contend.

The causes of decline

* Relaxation of the shell gland, or tissue or fainting from excessive expansion and contraction of fibers sudden weight loss or thickness
* Decrease the gland when we have hormonal abnormalities, i.e. salivary glands of pituitary and ovarian cancer.
* Reduce the amount of fatty tissue that surrounds the gland from extreme exhaustion from defects, nutritional, physical life, nervous shock, endocrine disorders and malnutrition
* Bad musculature
* Here on the muscular system and muscle tone of the dorsal and pectoral muscles.
  The senescence of skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by the weakness of all the surface layers. The above causes of decline can include breast and violent sports, various injuries and using improper bra.

Abnormalities of the mammary gland

The mammary gland has a number of anomalies, including:

* Entire lack of breast cancer, if rarely encounter.
* Presence that many breasts and nipples. It is found more in women and is hereditary in nature.
* It is the metastasis of male breast cancer in women. Other cases are poorly developed or are hypertrophy. Usually distinguished hypertrophy before menstruation, during puberty and lactation.

Breathing exercises

* Standing united with their feet. Stand on the balls of the feet, raising both hands when inhaled, downloaded again late in expiration.
* Hands stretched to bring up the chest with small and discarded back quickly.
* With hands stretched delete cycles first in one direction and then to another.
* Lie with back on floor, putting a pillow under the shoulders. Pour slowly head back and bring back well late in front of the chest.
* Lie with back on floor, bring arms forward over your head, downloaded again from the side and bring them along the body.
* Finish with exercises to paragraph 1.


Select hot spraying a tonic to dilate the resources and facilitate the absorption of the product.


Massage with an appropriate case for the cream to the breasts and avoid touching the nipples.

In all cases of breast, hydrotherapy is necessary. Because of the stimulation status of the gland water hardens. Hydrotherapy is a special apparatus and suitable shape, but we can do hydrotherapy and wetting a sponge in cold water. If these treatments can have a significant effect of excessive relief, he may intervene to cosmetic surgery, working always with the help of beauty.

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