Cheap Cars.... Is It Useful
devendra patil • onGeneral 11 years ago • 2 min read

As we already know launching of cheap cars by Tata Today (Car of 1 lakh) It raises a serious issue. Is this car really beneficial for us, our country, our society, our environment or to our mother earth?

We are already facing with the problem such as

  1. Traffic Jam and hours of waiting in Jam to reach home. In city like Mumbai (Powai, Kalina, Santacruz, Andheri-Kurla, Andheri-Mulund etc.) people stuck in traffic half of the time they spend at home
  1. We are already facing air pollution, problem such as Asthma, Allergy etc. Definitely this vehicles are not going to run on water or solar energy, they will consume fuel (Diesel and Petrol), since the car are cheaper, we also don't know what kind of quality norms to prevent pollution this vehicle manufacturer will follow. They will cause sound pollution and air pollution in addition to this scrap materials.

  2. The continuous emission of Carbon and carbon monoxide will result into green house effect and global warming

  3. We already aware with the cases of threatening of Recovery agents, why does the problem arise? People's wants are increasing and as the status of symbol, they are taking loan, using credit card without caring their own ability to repay. This will definitely result into enjoying life style on other's money.

I am strongly against of launching such cheap vehicles, rather cannot we improve our public transport utility services? Where are those NGOS and environmentalist who shows their concern about Global Warming, pollution and all...



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  • Guest 11 years ago
    I agree to both sides on the conversation however, to reduce the traffic congestion on road, such cheap cars or infact any car sould be avaialble to customers only post verfication of financial status and requirement need basis. This strategy will reduce the # of customer buying the cars without any specific reasons