Cheap Tour Packages To Enjoy Honeymoon In Mauritius
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Honeymoons are the most enjoyable as well as the most interesting part of wedding celebrations. It is the time when the couple gets time to seclude themselves from everyday crowd and spend some time together. Deciding the honeymoon destination is a difficult task. It should be a place where both the couples can enjoy. It is true that any place where you go with your beloved appears pretty. But the location definitely plays an important role in making your honeymoon memorable. Newly weds when deciding on a Honeymoon destination must opt from the best Honeymoon packages and Honeymoon vacation resorts for accommodation.

Being an important tourist destination, well-planned Holidays to Mauritius can be a retreating paradise, which can escalate the dampen spirits of a human soul on the seventh sky. Especially, Honeymoons in Mauritius are really very popular amongst the newly weds. There’s a lot in store for the couples enjoyment during Honeymoons in Mauritius. The vast stretches of golden sand beaches, add a charm to the beauty of Mauritius.

Astounding Honeymoon packages of Mauritius at best prices can be booked online or through travel agencies. There are myriad Honeymoon vacation resorts in Mauritius that caters to their guests need and are spangled with cutting edge amenities, sumptuous wining and dining, recreational facilities and equipped rooms.

With its beautiful landscape, Mauritius is indeed a garden resting on waters only four hours away from Johannesburg by air. The island has what it takes and more, to satisfy the whims of sunbathers, beachcombers, sightseers, mountaineers, swimmers, yachtsmen, water-skiers, skin-divers, anglers, big game fishermen, philatelists, punters, golfers, gamblers, all night rovers and ultimate escapers. The people of Mauritius are as varied as the landscape, a fascinating blend of people from Europe Africa India and the Far East has created a unique cosmopolitan island culture.

If you are looking to relax in Mauritius then, Port Louis, the bustling capital with its swanky waterfront and the neighboring town of Mahebourg are great places. Here you can get an exclusive chance to merge with the spirit of this fascinating land, a potpourri of cultures, colorful traditions and festivals. People who want to combine their honeymoon with a bit of action should head to Tamarin for surfing; Mt Limon and Mt Malartic for hiking, the area around Port Mathurin for coastal hiking; Rodrigues for the best diving opportunities; and Caverne Patate for caving.

Alternatively, Party animals can just let their hair down, laze on the beaches, and party into the wee hours of the morning on trendy beach resorts like Grand Baie, Trou aux Biches, Mon Choisy, St Francois, Trou d' Argent and Petit Gravier or the less touristy area of Pereyebere.

Mauritius offers a lot more and we are dead sure that after visiting this enchanting and idyllic tropical island paradise you will want to be marooned in Mauritius all over again!

How to Reach Mauritius - Mauritius is easily accessible as it is well connected by many international airlines and shipping companies. For getting around seeing the beautiful scenery of Mauritius, buses and slow moving taxis are available. In places like Grand Baie it is more convenient to rent a motorbike or bicycles. Boats can be rented in Mauritius at major tourist hotspots. The best time to visit Mauritius is from June to October as humidity and heat is lower. Regarding accommodation, there are a variety of choices available ranging from world-class luxury beach hotels to economy hotels and boarding houses, popularly known as pensions de familie.

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