Cheating Case Against Megastar Chiranjeevi
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 1 min read

A cheating case has been filed against megastar Chiranjeevi in greater Hyderabad. A person by name Cheguma Reddy, who hails from Arutla village near Ibrahimpatnam few days back wanted to register a case of cheating against Chiranjeevi. But the police refused to register the case and later he approached the local court.

Accordingly the local court ordered the local police station in Ibrahimpatnam to register a case against Chiranjeevi.

The petitioner Mr Reddy said " Chiranjeevi campaigned in the last assembly elections on 'Samajika Telangana' slogan but he completely changed his track and is now fighting for 'United AP' slogan so I got cheating case under section 420 registered on him".

However the PRP leaders today ridiculed this. "Samajika Telangana' does not mean separate Telangana but means a Telangana where the lower castes and economically backward classes are uplifted economically and socially. If the person or the court does not understand this simple concept then we cannot do anything" the PRP claimed.



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