Chiru Decides To Quit In Support Of "United Andhra Pradesh"
pavan • onGeneral 9 years ago • 2 min read

Without even caring what the people might think, Chiranjeevi is all set to quit as a MLA in support of "United Andhra Pradesh". In a bold move,Praja Rajyam Party chief president K Chiranjeevi promised to look into the demand and may announce a decision shortly. Chiranjeevi may announce his decision on his resignation as well as the party's stand on Telangana statehood issue after PRP's Political Affairs Committee meeting , sources close to him said.

If the resignation goes through, then Chiranjeevi would be the president of a major party to fully support "United Andhra Pradesh". Only one more party i.e CPI (M) supports the "United AP" openly.

This more would surely cause jitters in the Congress and the TDP. Now other parties too would face brickbats in the Andhra and the Seema regions in case the parties do not reverse their stand like PRP.

Chiranjeevi, who held consultations with senior party leaders throughout the day yesterday, was understood to have come under pressure from them that the party reverse its pro-Telangana stand and extend full support to the unified state movement. The one PRP MLA hailing from Telangana region, however, opposed a change in the party's stand and wanted it to stick to the Samajika (social) Telangana promise.

The Political Affairs Committee of PRP will meet on Wednesday IST to finalise its stand and make a formal announcement, party sources said. Senior PRP leaders tried to exert pressure on Chiranjeevi to resign as MLA and support the ongoing movement for a unified Andhra Pradesh.



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