Chiru's First Political Meeting -- "Praja Rajyam"
Senoreta • onDid You Know 10 years ago • 2 min read

Finally today chiranjeevi announced his party name at tirupati. Party name is "Praja Rajyam". Party caption is prema laksham seva margam Chiranjeevi himself announced the party name.T his party stands for Chirunavula AndhraPradesh. Megastar said he is also from a very poor family. He knows the life from mogaltur to America. He swam in small wells in AP and also did bangi jump in newzealand. He thanked god for experiencing very poor life to very high luxiourious life.He knows difficulty of all people poor,middle and rich. He further said "Shakti leka kadu pranalikalu leka manam inka abivrudi kaledu". This is partys main agenda.

1.First place goes to farmers in this party. 2.For economically backward people studying is still a problem,they are becoming child labours.No student should stop their education for sake of family problems. 3.Most number of people in our state belongs to middle class.They can't buy rice for Rs 2 or Rs 25 per kg.This party stands for all middle class people. 4.For Labours,workers(karmikulu) the party takes a separate agenda. 5.For ladies,give more exposure to ladies. 6.Jobs people:give more salary and proper working hours. 7.Resources:we are not utilising resources properly.Every one has skill,talents,potential. 8.Stop corruption in our state. Akali,Avasaralu,Athyasa are the three reasons for corruption. 9.Naxalisim,Separate telengana,SC reservation are so sensitive that I cannot decide alone.I will take a decision after meeting all genius,party people. 10.The party will be helping hand for all police people. 11.Girijana Prantala development,minorities development.Party will be helping hand for all these people. 12.Even Government is selling all government lands.The party is against to selling government lands. 13.Villages should get all facilities like towns. 14.Party helps financially for economically backward people even in OC people and all classes of people.

He mentioned Andhra as Richest state with the poorest people.Later some of the physically handicaped people launched Party Flag.



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