Choose Careers Relevantly If You Know Yourself!!
ss • onHumor 11 years ago • 2 min read

One of the renowned lawyers in Texas had made love to a city harlot who unfortunately forgot to take her pant from the lawyer's car.

Afterwards he drove home and as usual the wife came in open arms, hugged him warmly and led him to the house. The man then remembered, "Honey please rush to the car and get some chicken. Sorry I forgot to bring it with me after the hug."

The lady dashed to the car. What met her eyes? a woman's pant! "Caught this idiot today". You thought you could escape this time round! "She muttered.

With all her strength she tore the pant into pieces and rushed back to the husband ready to tear him down. During all this time' the man had realized his folly and was ready. He was smart enough. "Now why do you ruin my life?" the lady asked. "You! Do you realize what you have just done!?"

The husband stammered outrageously "What do you mean? That's for the US$10 million rape case I told you about! It was open and shut now you¢ve gone and ruined the evidence! What am I presenting before court tomorrow? Why do you rush into action without consulting me first? You must produce that item!"

Unbelievably the wife was so sorry. She even went to look for the torn pieces and brought back to her husband with a promise never to repeat the mistake. She wouldn't imagine her husband losing US$10m. The man went inside the bathroom, said a short prayer and came out smiling of his victory!!. Really who should have apologized? Choose careers relevantly if you know yourself!!



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