Chronic Fatigue Causes
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Chronic fatigue is now a recognized condition that more and more people in industrialized nations are being diagnosed with. Although the cause of chronic fatigue is often unclear, there have been a connection made to an immune dysfunction in some cases. One of the major causes of fatigue is our way of eating. You can increase your energy by eating pure fresh foods instead of processed foods. Foods that give you energy include fresh fruits, lightly cooked vegetables, whole grains, and dried beans.

Stress is known to be the cause of many diseases that have no apparent explanation. The case of chronic fatigues syndrome is not an exception. Most doctors will tell you to relax, do not overwork yourself and to have enough rest every day. Experiencing high stress level can make you feel tired quickly. You might have some problems at your office, having an argument with your love one, or having a conflict with your family whatever the case try to control your stress level.

To know more about chronic fatigue requires knowledge about its origin. Among the usual causes pinpointed for the onset of chronic fatigue are: hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, low blood pressure, allergies, virus infection, dysfunction of the body's immune system and iron deficiency anemia.

Unfortunately, in modern society, people are relying more & more on cortisol-fired "second wind" to get them through the day. Too many stressors in our life demand more & more production of cortisol. Chances are that you know what's causing your fatigue, so just by making a few lifestyle changes you can get the energy, zeal and enthusiasm back in your life. Consider these different ways to help you regain your energy levels.

When you can't keep up with your normal routine due to lack of energy, you are probably suffering from one or more of the most common causes of fatigue. If you cannot keep up with your physical routine because you are too tired to carry it out, then you are likely suffering from physical fatigue. If you are suffering from both fatigue and sleep apnea, and trying to find the precise fatigue cause as well as a relation between the two conditions, it might make more sense if you knew more about the five levels of sleep. If you finally in bed, try to concentrate on your breathing and keep your eyes closed. If you can't sleep and lay down for a longer period of time, get up. If you lay down too long, you lose your 'appetite' for sleep.

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Chronic Fatigue
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